another day, another hair show
April 28, 2007, 10:50 am
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hi all –

greetings from seattle…

i’m staying at the beautiful w hotel in seattle on the 26 floor (top floor baby).  what can i say, it’s all class in my world.


the view from my room

last night was model call for the hair show – went very well, i was thrilled with the turn out.  as people i work with read this blog on occasion, i can’t really comment on one thing, but in a nutshell, i work with someone who is constantly “not tight” – she is currently taking credit for pulling this model call off, and she deserves a bit of credit, but in all honesty, she didn’t do much.  but i suppose at the end of the day, all that matters is the model call went well and the guest artist’s (the hairdressers that will be working on stage with the models) are pleased.

today is all about hair prep, tho’ i do have to do a site visit at a different hotel in seattle for an event i’m planning this fall.  after that i hope i get an hour or so to explore a bit of seattle – i’ve never been here and it seems like a cool place.  reminds me a bit of san francisco.

regarding thor, or rather james (for that is his name and i can’t figure out an acceptable nick name to call him – yet [thor only works in one context-hehehe]), we had an amazing dinner the other night at azia in minneapolis.  great food, hot man; nothing better. 

is it wierd that i miss him already?  of course, it’s only been 3 weeks, but i gotta say, i dig him (and i’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual).  all i know for sure is i’m having fun getting to know him, and that’s all that really matters.

happy kyle!


if it’s a new day, must be a new blog header
April 3, 2007, 7:01 pm
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direct your eyes northward, yup, it’s a new blog header.  here’s the photo in the original form:


it was the oddest thing – there is this amazing church in milano, the san lorenzo maggiore that i was immediately attracted to when i saw it during a walk on the first day.  over the course of the next few days, i visited the church a few more times (if only because it was on the most direct route to where i was headed) – i never noticed the building next to it.

then one late evening i was walking back to my hotel at about 1am and there it was – illuminated in all it’s glory.  i have no idea what function this building holds, but i’m completely in love with the very specific message in neon the building projects at nightfall.

here are a couple of pics of san lorenzo maggiore – the church features the largest dome in milano and dates back to the 12th century (in it’s current form).  the columns outside the church date from the 2nd and 3rd centuries.  the 16 columns and the section of the architrave were from part of a roman temple.  in front of the church is a bronze copy of a roman statue of constantine.








milan street scenes & news
April 2, 2007, 11:53 pm
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first the news – i have a super casual beer date tomorrow night.  it’s been so long since i’ve had a date, i’m not sure what to do.  now the worry of what to wear etc… fuck. 

and now, the pictures.  i have a ton of amazing pics that i want to share with you, so i’m gonna have to break them up into pieces.  here’s the first bunch.  let’s call this set milan street scenes.  my favorite parts of milano are really the streets, long, winding streets that are simply packed with people, cars and vespas – it was incredible really (now i’m completely jonsing for a “smartcar” – good thing they finally are coming to the u.s. next year).



one thing i fell in love with in milan was all the cable car lines – they are quite literally, everywhere – they add an really interesting horizontal line in the pics.



all over milano are these old buildings that are quite literally falling down (or maybe they’ve never been quite properly “held up” since the war).  in such a cosmopolitan city, it puts things in perspective a bit when you see buildings on their last legs.  note the porta-john in the pic – good use of photographic composistion there eh?

hot guy scenery
March 21, 2007, 1:47 pm
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As frequent readers of srsl will know, I love hot men. No news there right?

I was having a bite to eat in the mpls airport just now, and this hot daddy (literally, his family was with him) sat down at the table next to me. Nothin like a man with kids to spin my head, there is just something so sexy about fathers

But this guy was extra hot—active military, with beefy, masculine hairy arms and was wearing an AIRBORN t-shirt. WOOF.

I snapped a pic for you, my lovely readers, but am blogging from my phone and can’t attact. Something to look forward to right?

back from dc, packing for italy
March 20, 2007, 10:59 pm
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i feel like such a vagabond as of late; i love my job, i love travelling and i’m certainly living out of a suitcase (or 5 – a different size for every occasion).  of course, i fancy myself as the man about town (city/village/metro area), but at the same time, i feel like a complete and total charade – i’m not really such a man about town, at the end of the day, i’m pretty much your average, everyday guy next door; kinda dull. 

in my fantasy world, i believe that when i arrive in milan i’ll be uber popular and the center of action.  it’s a nice fantasy, but in reality – i’ll probably spend a fair bit of time in a cafe watching the world go by.  don’t get me wrong, i’m not dissing it – in fact, it’s rather how i like to travel.  but just the same, someday, i’d like to have someone to share the scenery with.

home last night from dc, and spent today on conference calls about my next 8 shows/events.  then spent the day running errands, doing laundry & packing for italy.  my flight is tomorrow (wed) @ 4pm.  i can’t even begin to tell you excited/nervous/scared about this trip. 

regarding the show in dc – on a scale of 1-5, i’ll give it a solid 3. it was the first time we did this format of show, and as such – i learned a lot, and will change a lot for the next go-round.  we also had a shitload of challenges due to the storm last week in new york, missed and cancelled flights and the like.  though, the audience loved the show, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

i’m excited for milan – we’ve been doing a lot of small and medium scale shows, it’ll be awesome to do a big show.

March 7, 2007, 6:31 pm
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with respect and credit due to the excellent photographers on the villa steno website, this is the hotel i’m leaning towards in monterosso al mare in the cinque terre.  it’s still in the old town and looks to be in the heart of the village.  i had been thinking about renting a spot in this artists home just a bit to the bottom of the photo in the more wooded area, but i a) haven’t heard back from him yet, and b) not sure i could make it back to the hotel after a night of vino and risotto (it’s quite the circuitous route according to the website). 

i will be travelling to cinque terre by myself – this will be my first time travelling internationally by myself (unless canada counts) and i’m a bit nervous (but in that good way), but i think it’ll be ok. 

i have not even figured out where i’m staying in milan – all my focus has been on this great lil’ spot.

what do you think?