the perfect man pt 3
February 20, 2007, 10:07 pm
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ok, so i have not updated “the perfect man” list since july of last year.  for fucksake, july. 

it’s high time i get back in the game.  and with that in mind, may i present patrick warburton:


patrick, oh patrick.  this man is seriously sexy.  i’ve had the biggest crush on him since i saw him in “the tick” tv series.  he’s tall (woof), hunky (double woof), killer eyes (triple woof) and you just know he’s hellagood (yup, that’s right, i broke out the hellagood – don’t hate the player) in bed. 


most know him from his role on seinfield.  of course, i’m the only person on the planet who hated that show (much like my dislike for the shins), so i came to patrick-lust late in life, but i’m made up for it ten-fold.  i’ve rented plenty a movie he’s been in and of course, there’s family guy…. gotta love him on family guy.


from the glorious imdb, i’ve learned that patrick was born in 1964 (quite possibly the best age for me to date, patrick needs to call me) and that he’s been in 88 separate filmed things (movies, tv shows, etc.).  i’ve also learned that he’s a father (dilf), which also unfortunately indicates he is straight (the wife part gave that away) – hate that (tho’ cbwould say it’s more of a challenge that way).  he’s also voiced superman twice, once in a commercial and an episode of family guy.


patrick now co-stars in the new cbs show rules of engagement.  don’t let the fact that the show also features the hideous david spade, the show on the whole is quite cute – and the perk of it all, more patrick (if only he would do the show shirtless – that would be nice).