great news saturday
May 12, 2007, 6:55 pm
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it was reported that siouxsie, whom i have a huge, long-standing relationship with has a new album coming out this fall (the first branded solely under her name and not as either the banshees or the creatures):


Siouxsie’s new album is due to be released September 2007, and a single called ‘Into a Swan’ is set for release in July/August time. A new dedicated microsite will be launched over the coming month will the full story, and release dates when confirmed.


(it should be noted, the above vision of loveliness, will most likely be my next tattoo – when my arm is finally done, oh yea, i had more work done on my arm today…. this sleeve is gonna be fuckin’ killer when it’s done)


gasp! houseguests + more james (sick of me talking about him yet?)
May 7, 2007, 12:57 pm
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wow, pardon the mess (aka, lack of posts) around here, had i known that i was going to have new visitors(ahem, jason), i would have tidied up a bit (or at least been better about posting new stuff).

so to anyone finding me via jason, welcome – i promise, i’m not normally this boring (or maybe i am… who knows).

last night i did indeed meet my first blogger-bud (cb and landry don’t count, i’ve known them forever/pre-blogging), jason over at let’s say your right – i gotta say, i was nervous as fuck, it felt like a blind date (james, don’t worry – it wasn’t a date).  i’ve been reading him for about a year and get along like long-lost brothers.  we have ton’s of things in common and had a lot of fun meeting him last night.  so much fun.

on the james front, ummm – how do i put this gently, succinctly and with not to much over-emphasis?  i’m dating the hottest mother-fucker on the planet.  things are going swimmingly… it’s nice to have someone in my life like this again.  we’re having a blast. on a really base level, we seem to get each other really strongly, sure there are difficulties – it only makes the good stuff better.  the only really hardthing is the amount that i’m on the road travelling, i know it frustrates him…. i can only hope that absence, does truly make the heart grow fonder. 

he’s going to kill me for posting this pic, but i f’ing dig it – and had to share.


(ok, even i threw up in my mouth a little about that absence/heart thing – my god i’m lame)

earth day every day pt 2 and random ramblings
April 19, 2007, 5:35 pm
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ok, i know i said i was gonna post a eco-tip everyday, but yesterday was insane, first flying home from north carolina, then dealing with having no internet service (i’m not thrilled with comcast right now), then i had date no. 4.  you could say i was a busy lil’ bugger yesterday.

so without firther adiue, here ya go:

  • avoid products that are packaged for single use (i.e., drinks, school lunches, candy, cat and dog food, salad mixings, etc.). instead, buy in bulk and transfer the products to your own reusable containers.

easy right?  it’s a no-brainer really.  the world does not need single serving containers.  all they do is clock up landfills.  we act as if we have a backup planet somewhere to go to when we mess this one up enough.

i took the afternoon off today to continue work on my arm tattoo – we connected the wind/lotus/cherry blossom side to the buddhist symbol on my inner arm.  it’s a subtle connection (done mainly with wind), but it’s turning out beautifully.  next friday, we continue with the cherry blossom branch that weaves in and out of the clouds and potentially start on the buddhist prayer flags that will take root on my elbow joint.  


disturbing news too – found out my tattoo artist (trevor at steady tattoo in minneapolis) is going to relocate to l.a. this fall.  that means i have a shit load of work to do on my arm before it’s complete.

i’m a major cate blanchett fan.  and an even bigger fan of the 1998 film ‘elizabeth‘.  as such, you can imagine how thrilled i was to read that you tube had the trailer for the new film ‘elizabeth; the golden age‘ the sequel to the original film. 

i was lucky enough to see the trailer before universal pictures pulled it down for copy-write infringement (the fuckers!), and can say this movie looks every bit as epic as the original.


 for a snazzy play-by-play description of the trailer go here.

of course some will argue the historical accuracy of the original film (ahem, ray), but i say fuck ’em (“fuck ’em ray”) – i don’t look to hollywood for historical accuracy.  i look to them for entertainment and the movie is in my top ten and never ceases to entertain me (it’s a visual feast with tremendous spot-on acting by a terrific cast).  additionally, let me just state for the record – cate blanchett was robbed of best actress to that waif gweneth paltrow (or as refer’s to her “fishsticks paltrow)”.  cate performed rings around that trifle of a performance paltrow threw in.  robbed i say!!

oh, in other news, i’m moving.  i don’t know when or to where, but i did look at an apartment (6th floor of a 21 story building on the shores of lake calhoun in minneapolis) yesterday, that i’m seriously considering.

while i do suffer a bit of wanderlust, and tend to move every couple of years, i gotta say, this time it’s for a good reason – my current apartment building is going to shit.  a change in the other tennent’s is proving concerning, a lack of response to maintenance issues, the neighborhood going to pot, and generally, a sense of it not being “home”.  

watch this space – more on this as it develops.

environmental quote of the day:

“suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.  ~bill vaughn 

oh, and p.s., the date went exceptionally well.


coming out of the shadows
November 17, 2006, 10:37 pm
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holy shit, has it really been more than 10 days since i last posted… ugg. to my faithful 4 readers, my apologies. i’m slowly extracting myself from the last few months of insane work. i’m off to boston for a little mini-show this weekend and then i’m home for a few months. i’m anxious to chill a bit.

i’ve kinda been in a self imposed hermit mode lately – i’m not sure why, but the onset of winter tends to do this to me a bit. even tho’ i’ve been super busy at work, i’ve been horrible at returning calls/emails (especially to ray)…. i’ll be better soon – totally promise!
couple of random updates – phase 2 of the sleeve is complete – check it out:

phase 3 will begin sometime in december – linking the sleeve together with phase 1 & adding the tibetan prayer flags above the current bit. trevor @ steady tattoo is a god. a god i tell you.

last week i was in st louis for another mini-show (just two guest artists, 150 or so attendees, cocktail reception) – the show went amazingly well – really really nice.

this pic was taken about 30,000 feat somewhere over iowa. the twin cities is still snow free, and honestly – i’m ok with that – i’m just not ready for winter yet…. tho’ it sure looks pretty from here.

while in st louis i took time out to see the gateway arch – yea, i played tourist for a few minutes (it’s all you really need is a few minutes)….. on my way to see the arch, i stumpled on the above location – an old switzers licorice factory. i really love burned out buildings like this – shows some real history if you ask me.

i took shitloads of pics of the arch (it really is an engineering marvel), but this one is my favorite. i also took the elevator (lets use that term loosely) to the top. it’s not the greatest view, but it’s pretty fuckin’ cool overall.