the united states that i believe in does not believe in torture!
February 21, 2007, 2:57 pm
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i work for a fairly liberal company.  we have a strict environmental mission that is followed religiously (as opposed to those companies where you see the mission on your first day, and then you don’t hear about it ever again), we’re pretty gay-friendly (hell, we work with hairdressers and fashion designers) – hell, we even have an organic resturant on site.

in fact, even our parent company is liberal (scored a perfect 100 on the hrc corporate equality index).

there is very little that is conservative in working for who i work for.

that said, it’s disturbing to no end when i see pro-bush bumper stickers in our parking lots.  now, of course, conservatives need job’s too – and i need to remind myself that sometimes, people just want/need a job, and could care less for the “bigger picture” of corporate politics, but it’s just discouraging when people support a particular political vision that’s so innately opposed to what’s right (yes, i know what’s right is subjective, but in my world, it’s good liberal, environmental, pro-gay thinking!). 

i am a bit of a trumpet blower for the companies i’ve worked for and just wouldn’t last long working for a company who’s vision is so different than mine.  prior to working here, i worked for a payroll company who was at that time (7.5 years ago) the second largest user of virgin paper (after the fed gov) in the nation.  when i would bring up the subject of using more recycled paper in our stock, i was looked at as if i just suggested we use poop as the base in the ceo’s meatloaf.  suffice to say, i only lasted there 4 months.

with that said, it brings me great pleasure to provide the following photograph.  i’ve seen this truck a time or two in our parking lot, but never had a camera ready.  i have no idea who drives it, but i gotta say: i. love. this. truck:


sorry the quality sucks.  if you can’t make out the text that is painted on the tailgate it reads: “the united states that i believe in does not believe in torture!


no comment wednesday
February 14, 2007, 8:43 am
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ok, i lied – here’s a comment: year 5 and still single on vd.  i hate this fucking manufactured holiday.  to quote the card i got from cb today: “cupid, yea, that guy just freaks me out”.

February 4, 2007, 4:27 pm
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mannequin heads can be creepy.

a big part of my job involves being around mannequin heads. now, these are not the type of heads you would see in macy’s or sears – these heads are are used for training hairdressers. they come in all forms and types – heads that have full thick hair, thinning hair, kinky curly hair, boy hair (some even have facial hair and kinda look like jesus; just ask cb). they even have names – seriously; the first one below for example is named “erika” (that’s how we order them; “give me 10 viola’s, 15 amber’s, 4 samuel’s and 20 erika’s).

these heads as a general rule do not freak me out (unlike my boss who seriously hates them). however, when your the only person in the bu idling on a sunday, and your co-workers are fond of using heads as office decoration – it can get a bit freaky when you see a head out of the corner of your eye.

this last picture is one of my favorites. last march, we did a huge hair show in london. at about 5am on the day of the show the various guest artists were arriving for final prep on their models. a friend of mine from germany who was in the show showed up with this ‘bag o’ heads” – in an ikea bag no less. i just thought it was dead-funny:

the night watchman however, he was seriously creeped out.