earth day every day pt 2 and random ramblings
April 19, 2007, 5:35 pm
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ok, i know i said i was gonna post a eco-tip everyday, but yesterday was insane, first flying home from north carolina, then dealing with having no internet service (i’m not thrilled with comcast right now), then i had date no. 4.  you could say i was a busy lil’ bugger yesterday.

so without firther adiue, here ya go:

  • avoid products that are packaged for single use (i.e., drinks, school lunches, candy, cat and dog food, salad mixings, etc.). instead, buy in bulk and transfer the products to your own reusable containers.

easy right?  it’s a no-brainer really.  the world does not need single serving containers.  all they do is clock up landfills.  we act as if we have a backup planet somewhere to go to when we mess this one up enough.

i took the afternoon off today to continue work on my arm tattoo – we connected the wind/lotus/cherry blossom side to the buddhist symbol on my inner arm.  it’s a subtle connection (done mainly with wind), but it’s turning out beautifully.  next friday, we continue with the cherry blossom branch that weaves in and out of the clouds and potentially start on the buddhist prayer flags that will take root on my elbow joint.  


disturbing news too – found out my tattoo artist (trevor at steady tattoo in minneapolis) is going to relocate to l.a. this fall.  that means i have a shit load of work to do on my arm before it’s complete.

i’m a major cate blanchett fan.  and an even bigger fan of the 1998 film ‘elizabeth‘.  as such, you can imagine how thrilled i was to read that you tube had the trailer for the new film ‘elizabeth; the golden age‘ the sequel to the original film. 

i was lucky enough to see the trailer before universal pictures pulled it down for copy-write infringement (the fuckers!), and can say this movie looks every bit as epic as the original.


 for a snazzy play-by-play description of the trailer go here.

of course some will argue the historical accuracy of the original film (ahem, ray), but i say fuck ’em (“fuck ’em ray”) – i don’t look to hollywood for historical accuracy.  i look to them for entertainment and the movie is in my top ten and never ceases to entertain me (it’s a visual feast with tremendous spot-on acting by a terrific cast).  additionally, let me just state for the record – cate blanchett was robbed of best actress to that waif gweneth paltrow (or as refer’s to her “fishsticks paltrow)”.  cate performed rings around that trifle of a performance paltrow threw in.  robbed i say!!

oh, in other news, i’m moving.  i don’t know when or to where, but i did look at an apartment (6th floor of a 21 story building on the shores of lake calhoun in minneapolis) yesterday, that i’m seriously considering.

while i do suffer a bit of wanderlust, and tend to move every couple of years, i gotta say, this time it’s for a good reason – my current apartment building is going to shit.  a change in the other tennent’s is proving concerning, a lack of response to maintenance issues, the neighborhood going to pot, and generally, a sense of it not being “home”.  

watch this space – more on this as it develops.

environmental quote of the day:

“suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.  ~bill vaughn 

oh, and p.s., the date went exceptionally well.



here we go; snow, holly cole, the prestiqe and mustard plug
March 4, 2007, 11:32 am
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very random saturday.

yesterday was spent digging out from the storm (removing a foot of snow from the top/sides/under [how the fuck did it get under??] side of your car sucks.  really, really sucks.).  once i got out of the parking lot and alley i ran a ton of errands that i had avoided for the last few days; bank run, barnes & nobel (italian phrase book for my trip to milan at the end of the month) and a couple of record stores (3 of ’em) and to best buy. 


i had lost of of my favorite albums of all time: holly cole’s temptation and had to go on the whirlwind tour of minneapolis record stores before i found a copy.  sure i could have just downloaded it on itunes, but there is something special about having your favorite music in a real, physical, tangible way.  from removing the celophane from the case, to sliding the shiny silver disk smoothly into the slot.  it’s just something a mp3 can never be (don’t even get me started on how much i love vinyl).

temptation is an entire album of tom waits tunes, reconstructed for piano, bass and voice (with the odd horn section and snare drum thrown it for good measure).   this is the album that started my love affair with holly cole – her smokey voice wrapped sinuouslyaround the beat and punctuating tom’s lyrics in a world-wary way.  from the very first moment on the album where holly wispere’s “here we go…” – you know your off for a visit to the dark world on the other side of the tracks.   so happy to have this record again.

from there, i was off to best buy to pick up a copy of the prestige on dvd.


words really can’t come close to describing how much i loved this film last year – it was most certainly in my top 5 and i was all excited to curl up with a beer on the couch and melt into the world this movie created – but…. alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

around 7 my friend vicky phoned me up to see if i wanted to join her and some friends down at the triple rock social club (a dive bar if ever there was one) for a drink or two and to see a band.  now, i have a tendency to be a bit of a home-body, but as cb had indicated earlier in the day, i was going a lil’ stir-crazy from being in the house for the past few days, so i said what the fuck and went down.

the triple rock is divided into two sides, the bar side and the club side – over on the club side was an all-age night of ska bands (non of which i had ever heard of).  so we made our way over to the bar side for a few drinks, then back over to the club side to catch the headliner: mustard plug.  i gotta say, they were pretty fuckin’ cool.  great ska is something that doesn’t happen too often (too frequently, it’s just messy) – but the boys in mustard plug did a pretty damn good job.   after the show, we made our way back to the bar side, where we hung out for about an hour with colin, the guitar player – a very cool guy (not however, as cute as the lead singer; who, alas, we all decided was straight and married).

as referenced in the “it is done” post – i do love the random cell phone pic at a concert (especially the blurry ones)- it’s been a long time since i’ve posted a pic or two (it’s pathetic how few live music events i’ve been too as of late).  so here you go – i wasn’t too close to the stage (hello, mosh pit), but you get a sense of it all:



March 1, 2007, 2:45 pm
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ok, so i’m finally getting around to watching the oscars – yea, yea, i’m behind – but i was working damnit.  oh, and can i just say, watching the oscars via dvr – that’s the way to go… watched the entire thing in an hour.


  • ellen’s opening was quite good
  • love the silhouette dancers (or whatever they’re called)
  • pan’s labryinth deserves to win everything it’s nominated for – fucking brilliant movie.
  • i’m in love with ari sandel, the dude that won best short film….


  • the hollywood sound effects chroal symphony is pretty damn cool too
  • rachel weisz is the shit.  seriously this woman is mad talented, stunningly beautiful and drop dead sexy. 
  • melissa ethridge kills me – her tune for the movie an inconvienent truth never ceases to get me to sing along.  so deserved in her win.
  • the commercials in the oscars are beginning to equal the superbowl.  some killer stuff there such as the jc penny spot and the mastercard spot – really, really love the mastercard spot with the elephant.
  • i heart portia de rossi
  • i can’t believe happy feet won over cars… sure cars was no monsters inc., but still – it’s pixar!
  • the departed just won its first award, best screenplay – great film.  i already know it win’s best picture (i’m not that out of it) – it’s so justified. 
  • emily blunt is going to be a major star.  you read it first here.
  • tom cruise may be cuckoo, but he’s still hot.
  • the prestige should have been nominated more and won.  it’s my favorite film of last year (well, maybe tied with pan’s labyrinth).
  • i don’t want to over-state the following, but – let me just say, with ever fibre of my being and every molecule in my body, i hate celine dion.  someone stop her.
  • penelope cruz is no salma hayek. 
  • pan’s labyrinth wasn’t my favorite score of the year (that would have been the fountain), but i wish it would have won over babel.  the music in pan’s labyrinth is subtle and haunting and beautiful.
  • michael arndt, the dude who wrote little miss sunshine, also pretty cute.  if ari sandel is unavailable, michael could give me a call.
  • why the hell does j.lo have a career – she’s made one good film ever (out of sight) and i’m pretty sure it’s excellence has nothing to do with her.
  • i’m the only gay man that could care less about dreamgirls.
  • helen mirren is amazing. 
  • it’s about damn time that marty won.

smokin’ aces
February 3, 2007, 10:33 pm
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just home from seeing the uber-violent new film smokin’ aces. now, i had absolutely zero expectations from this film, but i gotta say – i enjoyed the ride immensely.

for my more squeamish fans (or those who have trouble with graphic violence – hehehehe) this film is not for the faint of heart. it has about a billion gun shots and more spurting blood than your average friday the 13th film – but at the same time, it actually has a pretty good plot/story and characters you actually grow to believe (well, at least ryan reynolds).
oh, and there is more man-candy/testosterone than you can throw some wood at. i mean seriously – the guys in this movie are smokin’ hot. every one of ’em, i’ve had a thing for for a damn long time.

starting with the adorable ryan reynolds. this boy is gonna make a damn fine daddy someday:

and then there’s the title character buddy “aces” isreal; the humpy jeremy piven. even at his most coked-out scussiness, this man is fuckin’ hot + he has one of my new all-time favorite lines in a movie (said to one of his not-so-smart thugs): you’re looking at me like, like… i just asked you the fucking square root of something.

and then there’s ben affleck. ben, ben, ben. i don’t care how many bad movies in the past you made – i forgive you. just keep starin’ at me with those baby blues:

and while he’s certainly no cock-of-the-walk any longer; we have the smolderingly sexy andy garcia. this man could melt me with “hi”:

rounding out the lead’s – the impeccable ray liotta. does this man have a steely stare or what? it’s as if he’s got x-ray vision. dead sexy.

with just the smallest of cameo’s (and a mullet to match) the ever woofy matthew fox made an appearance:

again with just a bit o’ a cameo, the hotness that is peter berg:

i’m tellin’ ya folks, this movie was one fun ride. great action scenes, fun plot twists and a fuckin’ hot as hell cast.
my dreams are gonna be fun tonight! hehehe

i life less ordinary
January 13, 2007, 6:07 pm
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sshhhh…, don’t tell anyone, but i’m kinda a romantic – a sappy, romantic.
today, after the 867th film (serenity, for those keeping score) i’ve seen in the last few days, i was flipping through channels and i came across the last 20 minutes of a life less ordinary, one of the greatest flicks in the known universe if you ask me.

this 1997 flick, from the director of trainspotting and shallow grave was nothing short of revolutionary to me. i love danny boyle’s (the aforementioned director) eye, sense of rhythm and frenetic directing style; a style that was perfect in the gritty trainspotting – but i would have never thought he could do a romantic comedy (albeit with a fair bit of tragedy thrown in) as well as he pulled off this flick.

i love everything about this movie – cameron diaz and ewan mcgregor are awesome, while delroy lindo and holly hunter (playing a brilliant pair of murdersome, meddling angels) are a pure delight.

from imdb: “ewan mcgregor stars as a cleaning man in l.a. who takes his boss’s daughter hostage after being fired and replaced by a robot. two “angels” who are in charge of human relationships on earth, offer some unsolicited help to bring this unlikely couple together. the “angels” are so successful that the daughter soon turns on her father in order to save her captor.”

i forgot about how much i love this movie and how much i love feeling happy about the possibility of love. i’ve already ordered a copy for my library.

can’t wait to watch it from the start!!

celine: so your telling me that successful relationships are made in heaven? Not founded on the daily practicality of two people being prepared to tolerate the imperfections of one another?
robert: it’s not successful relationships celine, it’s love. and it comes from a strange and wonderful place that we don’t know about.
celine: so then, you also reject the idea that love is merely an emotional adaptation of a physical necessity?
robert: completely.
celeine: are you serious?
robert: fate intervenes in people’s lives.
celine: in ours for instance?
robert: fate brought us together, it kept us together. we were destined for one another.
celine: fate had a pretty strange way of making it’s point
robert: but that’s part of the beauty of it, it’s inexplicable, unpredictable and absolutely beyond control or understanding.
celine: but you nearly got killed…
robert: but i didn’t. and here we are.
celine: do you have any substantial evidence to back up all of this?
robert: none at all.
celine: and you realize that it’s absurd and irrational?
robert: i know that.
celine: then why do you believe it?
robert: because celine, i’m a dreamer
celine: i guess that makes two of us.
robert: are you ready?
celine: as i’ll ever be.
robert: then lets go….

brilliant! simply brilliant 🙂

and for those up for a knee update (don’t worry, no more pictures) – i’m doin’ more or less ok. woke up this morning and could actually walk on the full pad of my foot – ‘course that went away as the day progressed and i’m back to crutches. it’s an evolution right? the swelling is down by about 50%, but i am still going fuckin’ stir crazy. hopefully tomorrow i’ll be without the crutches.