miss grace jones
May 19, 2007, 10:47 am
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hi all – so much to say, but nothing really to say you know?  i’m off to phoenix in a few hours and already miss james – more work yesterday on my arm sleeve…. pics soon.

in the meantime until i have a real post to post, gotta send a out a bit of love… today is grace jones’ 55th birthday.  she is the shit.  in everyway.

enjoy a bit of grace:


another day, another hair show
April 28, 2007, 10:50 am
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hi all –

greetings from seattle…

i’m staying at the beautiful w hotel in seattle on the 26 floor (top floor baby).  what can i say, it’s all class in my world.


the view from my room

last night was model call for the hair show – went very well, i was thrilled with the turn out.  as people i work with read this blog on occasion, i can’t really comment on one thing, but in a nutshell, i work with someone who is constantly “not tight” – she is currently taking credit for pulling this model call off, and she deserves a bit of credit, but in all honesty, she didn’t do much.  but i suppose at the end of the day, all that matters is the model call went well and the guest artist’s (the hairdressers that will be working on stage with the models) are pleased.

today is all about hair prep, tho’ i do have to do a site visit at a different hotel in seattle for an event i’m planning this fall.  after that i hope i get an hour or so to explore a bit of seattle – i’ve never been here and it seems like a cool place.  reminds me a bit of san francisco.

regarding thor, or rather james (for that is his name and i can’t figure out an acceptable nick name to call him – yet [thor only works in one context-hehehe]), we had an amazing dinner the other night at azia in minneapolis.  great food, hot man; nothing better. 

is it wierd that i miss him already?  of course, it’s only been 3 weeks, but i gotta say, i dig him (and i’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual).  all i know for sure is i’m having fun getting to know him, and that’s all that really matters.

happy kyle!

back from dc, packing for italy
March 20, 2007, 10:59 pm
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i feel like such a vagabond as of late; i love my job, i love travelling and i’m certainly living out of a suitcase (or 5 – a different size for every occasion).  of course, i fancy myself as the man about town (city/village/metro area), but at the same time, i feel like a complete and total charade – i’m not really such a man about town, at the end of the day, i’m pretty much your average, everyday guy next door; kinda dull. 

in my fantasy world, i believe that when i arrive in milan i’ll be uber popular and the center of action.  it’s a nice fantasy, but in reality – i’ll probably spend a fair bit of time in a cafe watching the world go by.  don’t get me wrong, i’m not dissing it – in fact, it’s rather how i like to travel.  but just the same, someday, i’d like to have someone to share the scenery with.

home last night from dc, and spent today on conference calls about my next 8 shows/events.  then spent the day running errands, doing laundry & packing for italy.  my flight is tomorrow (wed) @ 4pm.  i can’t even begin to tell you excited/nervous/scared about this trip. 

regarding the show in dc – on a scale of 1-5, i’ll give it a solid 3. it was the first time we did this format of show, and as such – i learned a lot, and will change a lot for the next go-round.  we also had a shitload of challenges due to the storm last week in new york, missed and cancelled flights and the like.  though, the audience loved the show, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

i’m excited for milan – we’ve been doing a lot of small and medium scale shows, it’ll be awesome to do a big show.

des monet update
February 13, 2007, 3:36 pm
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ok, i started writing the below on saturday but got busy with something, just returning to it now: 

limited access to email at the hotel (the charmingwest des moines marriott) so spotty updates. 

last night was model call – for iowa, i gotta say, i was impressed… we have 4 teams doing shows, 1 team – very easy to find models, can find beauty in just about anyone – 2 teams doing something fairly high-fashion, so of course – tall, beautiful girls needed there & 1 team doing a men’s thing. 

i was most nervous about getting “modely” girls and the men  – but everyone seems to be happy (ignoring of course a bit of “model stealing”) everything went well last night.

today is all about prep – cutting, coloring and styling the models hair & blocking rehearsals. 

we’re in a pretty amazing

there, that’s as far as i got.  now, to continue:

…theater; the hoyt-sherman place:



the history of the place is pretty cool – A grand manor home built in 1877 by prominent businessman Hoyt Sherman; the structure is now a museum and performing arts center. The original house and gallery display an impressive collection of 19th and 20th century paintings and elaborately carved 17th century furniture as well as many rare, ancient artifacts. The newly renovated historic theater built in 1923, hosts and impressive array of world renowned musicians, theatrical productions, and local performing arts events.”

regarding the show itself, as you know it was my first flagship event that i produced solely on my own – well by 5pm sunday night, i was one exceptionally happy boy – the show went off without a hitch & the more than 500 attendees loved it.  it’s another notch in my career belt so-to-speak. 

i learned a lot and made a couple mistakes (nothing the audience ever noticed, so that’s a good thing).

the only really bad thing (well, at least that i can go into here without violating confidentiallity) is that i had hardly any time to take pictures – i was just to damn busy.  i may have some cool video footage tho’ of the men’s rehearsal.  some hunky boys for sure.  i’ll see if the video turned out and post it if it did.

on a fun note, in iowa, there is a gas station chain called  now, you can’t put a bunch of gay men in the vicinity of an establishment called kum & go and not expect some amount of juvenile humor.  after the show ended a couple of the guest artists (from new york & london) along with my graphics guy, emcee and i all went traipsing all over west des moines to various kum & go’s to buy t-shirts.

so i’m now the proud owner of a kum & go shirt; can’t wait to wear it to the eagle on saturday!

music heard while writing this post:

domani / greg dulli

shy / O(+> aka prince during the symbol era

the real thing / concrete blonde

des monet
February 8, 2007, 6:03 pm
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so, as my regular readers know, there is a show that i have in des monet; the milan of the upper mid-west (des moines, ia) this sunday. 

nothing new there right?  it’s a show.  i do shows all the time.  yea, nothin’ new there right? 

but, before i go down that road, a bit of the back-story:

where i work we have different types of events…. there’s the corporate sales meetings (up to 75 attendees), global sales meetings (300-600), mini-hair shows (up to 200 attendees), trade shows and our two types of flagship shows (500 – 7000).

my boss (who is the traditional “director” of the flagship shows) has relocated to milan in preparation for our upcoming show there.  no sweat right?  my boss and i frequently team-lead alternate events (she focuses on one, while i focus on another – piggy-backing each other’s shows), but on event, she would  “direct” the show from front of house, while i “stage-manage” from the back.

due to budgets, she will not be flying back from milan for des monet this weekend.  so i get my shot at directing my first flagship hair show – all by myself.  now, i’ve produced and directed sales meetings and other corporate events (trade shows and the like), but i’ve never actually directed the show. 

hmmm.  some would say that’s a stressfull situation.  am i stressed right now?  besides not sleeping for the past 3 days and being in the office obscenly early,  stressed out isn’t the right phrase – cautiously optimistic/excited perhaps?   

i’ve got four amazing-seasoned guest artists and a great crew on the ground – but at the same time, it is the first.  i think i’ve got everything buttoned up tight; but as they say, the devil is in the details.  and a true director is measured by how they adapt to what doesn’t go as planned.

suffice to say, as much as i’m elated that i’m getting this chance, i’ll be really happy come sunday night at about 5:30pm (it’ll all be over then).

February 4, 2007, 4:27 pm
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mannequin heads can be creepy.

a big part of my job involves being around mannequin heads. now, these are not the type of heads you would see in macy’s or sears – these heads are are used for training hairdressers. they come in all forms and types – heads that have full thick hair, thinning hair, kinky curly hair, boy hair (some even have facial hair and kinda look like jesus; just ask cb). they even have names – seriously; the first one below for example is named “erika” (that’s how we order them; “give me 10 viola’s, 15 amber’s, 4 samuel’s and 20 erika’s).

these heads as a general rule do not freak me out (unlike my boss who seriously hates them). however, when your the only person in the bu idling on a sunday, and your co-workers are fond of using heads as office decoration – it can get a bit freaky when you see a head out of the corner of your eye.

this last picture is one of my favorites. last march, we did a huge hair show in london. at about 5am on the day of the show the various guest artists were arriving for final prep on their models. a friend of mine from germany who was in the show showed up with this ‘bag o’ heads” – in an ikea bag no less. i just thought it was dead-funny:

the night watchman however, he was seriously creeped out.

ms transworld pageant
February 2, 2007, 2:28 pm
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sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days – work is kickin’ my ass with a huge show i’m producing next week in lovely des moines, ia (or as we refer to it des monet, the milan of the upper mid-west) with 7 other shows quickly on the heals of des monet (including the real milan – yea, sucks to be me)….anyway, had to share a quick conversation i had a bit ago with the booking agent for a theater in san francisco i wanted…:
booking agent (b.a.): i would love to help you out but i just booked out that date for the miss trans-world pageant
me: but we would be so much more fun than the miss trans-world pageant!
b.a.: no, i don’t think anyone is as much fun as the miss trans-world pageant. in fact, we have a lock on that little market; we also have the pan-asian transsexual pageant coming up.
damn – we got shafted by a bunch of trannies. sucks to be us.