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May 7, 2007, 1:54 pm
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the other night james and i were watching t.v. and just about fell off the couch watching this orbit gum commercial.  thank god for dvr, we rewound it about 10 times… it get’s funnier with every viewing.

for the record, i love the orbit girl…. i’d switch teams for her in a heartbeat… she’s just so damn perky.


earth day every day pt 2 and random ramblings
April 19, 2007, 5:35 pm
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ok, i know i said i was gonna post a eco-tip everyday, but yesterday was insane, first flying home from north carolina, then dealing with having no internet service (i’m not thrilled with comcast right now), then i had date no. 4.  you could say i was a busy lil’ bugger yesterday.

so without firther adiue, here ya go:

  • avoid products that are packaged for single use (i.e., drinks, school lunches, candy, cat and dog food, salad mixings, etc.). instead, buy in bulk and transfer the products to your own reusable containers.

easy right?  it’s a no-brainer really.  the world does not need single serving containers.  all they do is clock up landfills.  we act as if we have a backup planet somewhere to go to when we mess this one up enough.

i took the afternoon off today to continue work on my arm tattoo – we connected the wind/lotus/cherry blossom side to the buddhist symbol on my inner arm.  it’s a subtle connection (done mainly with wind), but it’s turning out beautifully.  next friday, we continue with the cherry blossom branch that weaves in and out of the clouds and potentially start on the buddhist prayer flags that will take root on my elbow joint.  


disturbing news too – found out my tattoo artist (trevor at steady tattoo in minneapolis) is going to relocate to l.a. this fall.  that means i have a shit load of work to do on my arm before it’s complete.

i’m a major cate blanchett fan.  and an even bigger fan of the 1998 film ‘elizabeth‘.  as such, you can imagine how thrilled i was to read that you tube had the trailer for the new film ‘elizabeth; the golden age‘ the sequel to the original film. 

i was lucky enough to see the trailer before universal pictures pulled it down for copy-write infringement (the fuckers!), and can say this movie looks every bit as epic as the original.


 for a snazzy play-by-play description of the trailer go here.

of course some will argue the historical accuracy of the original film (ahem, ray), but i say fuck ’em (“fuck ’em ray”) – i don’t look to hollywood for historical accuracy.  i look to them for entertainment and the movie is in my top ten and never ceases to entertain me (it’s a visual feast with tremendous spot-on acting by a terrific cast).  additionally, let me just state for the record – cate blanchett was robbed of best actress to that waif gweneth paltrow (or as refer’s to her “fishsticks paltrow)”.  cate performed rings around that trifle of a performance paltrow threw in.  robbed i say!!

oh, in other news, i’m moving.  i don’t know when or to where, but i did look at an apartment (6th floor of a 21 story building on the shores of lake calhoun in minneapolis) yesterday, that i’m seriously considering.

while i do suffer a bit of wanderlust, and tend to move every couple of years, i gotta say, this time it’s for a good reason – my current apartment building is going to shit.  a change in the other tennent’s is proving concerning, a lack of response to maintenance issues, the neighborhood going to pot, and generally, a sense of it not being “home”.  

watch this space – more on this as it develops.

environmental quote of the day:

“suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.  ~bill vaughn 

oh, and p.s., the date went exceptionally well.


April 14, 2007, 9:12 am
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grindhouse is the fuckin’ shit.  over the top-pulpy-decadent and gratuitously violent.  cb and i went to a late showing last night.  i was on the edge of my seat many-a-time.

“I want to eat your brains… and gain your knowledge.” 

i loved it.

every stinking minute.

from robert rodriquez’ zombie thriller planet terrorstaring the divine rose mcgowen (who i’m completely and totaly in lust with), to tarentino’s sublime chase movie death proof(which starts out much darker and ends up being a glorious chicks-revenge movie ala 1972) featuring rosario dawson, a woman who officially is on my “i would switch for list”.

“this car is 100% death proof, only to get the benefit of it honey, you really need to be sitting in my seat!”

i know the flick is not doing great at the box office, but fuck’em.  nobody ever said the american public had taste or could judge great art.

i will so buy this flick on dvd the minute it’s out.

oh, did i mention the music – glorious music – especially the tune chick habit by april march.  this is so a soundtrack purchase today!

March 1, 2007, 2:45 pm
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ok, so i’m finally getting around to watching the oscars – yea, yea, i’m behind – but i was working damnit.  oh, and can i just say, watching the oscars via dvr – that’s the way to go… watched the entire thing in an hour.


  • ellen’s opening was quite good
  • love the silhouette dancers (or whatever they’re called)
  • pan’s labryinth deserves to win everything it’s nominated for – fucking brilliant movie.
  • i’m in love with ari sandel, the dude that won best short film….


  • the hollywood sound effects chroal symphony is pretty damn cool too
  • rachel weisz is the shit.  seriously this woman is mad talented, stunningly beautiful and drop dead sexy. 
  • melissa ethridge kills me – her tune for the movie an inconvienent truth never ceases to get me to sing along.  so deserved in her win.
  • the commercials in the oscars are beginning to equal the superbowl.  some killer stuff there such as the jc penny spot and the mastercard spot – really, really love the mastercard spot with the elephant.
  • i heart portia de rossi
  • i can’t believe happy feet won over cars… sure cars was no monsters inc., but still – it’s pixar!
  • the departed just won its first award, best screenplay – great film.  i already know it win’s best picture (i’m not that out of it) – it’s so justified. 
  • emily blunt is going to be a major star.  you read it first here.
  • tom cruise may be cuckoo, but he’s still hot.
  • the prestige should have been nominated more and won.  it’s my favorite film of last year (well, maybe tied with pan’s labyrinth).
  • i don’t want to over-state the following, but – let me just say, with ever fibre of my being and every molecule in my body, i hate celine dion.  someone stop her.
  • penelope cruz is no salma hayek. 
  • pan’s labyrinth wasn’t my favorite score of the year (that would have been the fountain), but i wish it would have won over babel.  the music in pan’s labyrinth is subtle and haunting and beautiful.
  • michael arndt, the dude who wrote little miss sunshine, also pretty cute.  if ari sandel is unavailable, michael could give me a call.
  • why the hell does j.lo have a career – she’s made one good film ever (out of sight) and i’m pretty sure it’s excellence has nothing to do with her.
  • i’m the only gay man that could care less about dreamgirls.
  • helen mirren is amazing. 
  • it’s about damn time that marty won.

pan’s labyrinth
January 28, 2007, 5:57 pm
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yes, another blogger blogging about pan’s labyrinth. deal with it.

i just got home from seeing this movie and all i can say is wow – guillermo del toro is a god. i mean, he has such complete and total vision for the world(‘s) he’s created in this film, from post-civil war spain to the aformentioned labyrinth; it’s impossible to not be sucked in and taking on an amazingly haunting, beautiful and delicate journey.

i really do believe this film will be sticking with me for a bit. much more i want to write about it; but i’ve got to process what i’ve just watched. however, in a word or two, this movie is why i love movies. i was so completely transported – it blew me away.

there were three movies that came out this past year that really transported me in a way that so rarely happens anymore – the prestique, the fountain and this one.

in anticipation for the oscars, i’ve been writing up my own thoughts on the best films of the year (i’ll be posting those thoughts sometime in the next couple of days). i can add this to that ++++ column.