bored again…
May 25, 2007, 3:09 pm
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pardon my mess, it appears that there’s been a slight atomic incident around here and as such, i’m moving again….

yup, that’s right, i’ve grown board with sr…sl & felt the need, 1 year into this experiement, to re-invent myself (much like madonna, with out the va-jay jay, affected english accent or the cone bras).

moving forward you can find me at atomicpop!

sr…sl may still have a use, and i’ll be keeping the domain – at least for a while.  but in the meantime; the bulk of what i have to say will be over at atomic pop! so check me out there (and if your so inclined, i’d appreciate it greatly if you’d update your favorites and your blog rolls please).




happy anniversary (to me)
May 21, 2007, 11:19 pm
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(addendum to the below post; it was meant to have appeared on may 20, 2007 – however, a little challenge called it’s next to fucking impossible to get a decent Internet signal in phoenix; aka hell on earth).


anniversary, from the latin anniversarius, from the words for year and to turn, meaning (re)turning yearly.


yup, that’s right folk’s stageright…stageleft is officially 1 year old.  who’d’uve thunk it? 

in the year since i’ve started sr…sl:

  • i’ve been to:
    • chicago (for work)
    • denver (for work)
    • beverly hills (for work)
    • dallas (for work)
    • atlanta (for work)
    • dullas, va (for work)
    • dallas – again (more work)
    • cleveland (yup, work)
    • cincinnatti (work)
    • chicago (work, followed by r&r)
    • st louis (work)
    • boston (work)
    • des moines (work)
    • milan, italy (work, followed by vacation)
    • washington d.c. (work)
    • durham/chapel hill (vacation, then work)
    • seattle (work)
    • columbus (for work)
    • pheonix (for work)
  • show’s i’ve seen:
    • twilight singers
    • aimee man (wow crappy year for live music)
  • produced 25 events (an average of an event every 14.6 days)
  • lost an amazing woman
  • reduced my footprint on the earth by 2,661 pounds of c02 emissions by getting a new car and offset all those nasty co2 bit’s
  • found an amazing man (sexy mother-fucker)
  • spent approx 15 hours in the tattoo chair
  • saw the us body count in iraq rise 958 (may ’06: 2464, current: 3422 according to
  • saw the iraqi civilian casualties count raise somewhere between 25,957 and 27,677 (total according to:; more than 63,929 dead).

all in all it’s been a pretty kick-ass year and i’ve had a blast doing this blog…. i realize it’s wildly uneven, but hey, that’s kinda me…. i’m pretty hard to put in a box, and i hope sr…sl is just as hard to categorize.

a big thanks to the bloggers that inspire me to do better; jason @ let’s say you’re right, dave @ tugboat, alexander @ planet voenix, brian @ cheapblueguitar and tac @ tacnik (of course, there are many more bloggers out there that amaze me, if i missed you, it wasn’t on purpose). 

then there is cb & landry – the people that inspired me in the first place! 

so here’s to the next year.  can’t wait to see where it goes!

miss grace jones
May 19, 2007, 10:47 am
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hi all – so much to say, but nothing really to say you know?  i’m off to phoenix in a few hours and already miss james – more work yesterday on my arm sleeve…. pics soon.

in the meantime until i have a real post to post, gotta send a out a bit of love… today is grace jones’ 55th birthday.  she is the shit.  in everyway.

enjoy a bit of grace:

whirlwind weekend
May 15, 2007, 9:01 am
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ok, it’s official – i suck at posting when i’m busy/fulfilled.  it’s true.

i won’t bore you all with minute-by-minute details of the weekend, but it was really good.  the high-point for me a complete and total random sunday with james.  more than anything, i love random sundays…. days where you have no plan’s and just kinda go where the road takes you.

big news i finally got off my ass and bought a bike.  i had a bike a few years ago that i got rid of for no valid reason, but it was time to get a new one – i’d been seriously wanting to get out there, not just for a pleasure ride, but for exercise as well.  here’s my new toy:


in’he cute?  he doesn’t have a name yet.  soon.  here’s what the specialized site says about him:

riding and saving money while saving resources…now, that’s a better energy policy. You don’t need a scientific study to know that riding a bike feels fantastic. you’ve also figured out that riding a bike while your car sits idle in your driveway doesn’t only feel better, it also helps to battle some of the world’s biggest ills, including pollution, traffic congestion, obesity and energy consumption. so, we’ve designed the ‘globe’ to be fast-rolling, yet ergonomically friendly and stable.

seems fitting for me eh?

i also bought this:

galleryfrontback200701301.jpghis name is kermit.  (all ipods need names damnit).  he joins his family ‘catch’ and ‘whaley-boy’, my other 2 ipods.  i’m officially an ipod geek.

i took the bike and kermit out for our inaugural ride tonight… as great as it was, it kicked my ass.  but in a good way.  i was never one of those “casual” riders – i ride pretty aggressively…. my leg’s are gonna feel it tomorrow!

gasp! houseguests + more james (sick of me talking about him yet?)
May 7, 2007, 12:57 pm
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wow, pardon the mess (aka, lack of posts) around here, had i known that i was going to have new visitors(ahem, jason), i would have tidied up a bit (or at least been better about posting new stuff).

so to anyone finding me via jason, welcome – i promise, i’m not normally this boring (or maybe i am… who knows).

last night i did indeed meet my first blogger-bud (cb and landry don’t count, i’ve known them forever/pre-blogging), jason over at let’s say your right – i gotta say, i was nervous as fuck, it felt like a blind date (james, don’t worry – it wasn’t a date).  i’ve been reading him for about a year and get along like long-lost brothers.  we have ton’s of things in common and had a lot of fun meeting him last night.  so much fun.

on the james front, ummm – how do i put this gently, succinctly and with not to much over-emphasis?  i’m dating the hottest mother-fucker on the planet.  things are going swimmingly… it’s nice to have someone in my life like this again.  we’re having a blast. on a really base level, we seem to get each other really strongly, sure there are difficulties – it only makes the good stuff better.  the only really hardthing is the amount that i’m on the road travelling, i know it frustrates him…. i can only hope that absence, does truly make the heart grow fonder. 

he’s going to kill me for posting this pic, but i f’ing dig it – and had to share.


(ok, even i threw up in my mouth a little about that absence/heart thing – my god i’m lame)

May 5, 2007, 11:30 am
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sorry for the lack of post’s as of late… not much to write about i guess…

i’m still getting used to dating – it’s been a long time, but i’m having a blast with james.  he’s an amazing man and i’m having a helluva good time getting to know him.  it’s an interesting time for sure.  how do you people in relationships balance your friends with your boyfriends?  i love my friends, but right now, i wanna spend all my time with james.  ::sigh::

work is still mad-busy.  at the same time, two people’s job’s were eliminated yesterday in my department.  kinda freaky.  i think that my job is safe – but that doesn’t make it any easier to loose good friends and colleagues. 

tomorrow i’m off to columbus, ohio – i’m producing a charity fashion show for the guy that owns one of our beauty schools…. should be a nice lowkey thing.  i’m super excited tho’ – tomorrow night i’m going to meet jason from let’s say your rightfor a drink.  i’m kinda nervous tho’ – it’s the first time i’ll meet someone from the blog world…

more from columbus.

bad blogger/hot man/fake pictures.
April 26, 2007, 5:00 pm
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bad blogger.  i can’t believe it’s been 5 days since my last post.  when last we left i was getting ready for a date with thor, aka “j” (i’m trying out different things to call him here – i hate “j” and “thor” is just kinda fun, right?) – well that date lasted 37 hours (seriously!)… this guy is f’ing hot as shit/intriquing as hell and i’m having a blast getting to know him.

saturday night we went to see “hot fuzz“, the new flick from the makers of shaun of the dead, the dead-pan british zombie flick from a couple of years ago. 


simply put, hot fuzz was a brilliant romp.  fun from top-to-bottom.  funny in that oh so british way, and over the top as only a hollywood satire can really be. 

sunday morning, thor and i joined some of his friends for brunch followed by a trip across the river to the st paul art crawl.  after that was time for dinner and cuddling on the couch sunday night and watching movies…  the date finally ended monday morning.  what a whirlwind.

this week has been a bear at work (the real reason i’ve not updated sr…sl – i’m off to the emerald city (aka seattle) tomorrow morning for a show.  our show season is so beyond busy this spring (and you should see the fall calender, it’s insane), and i’ve been knee-deep in meeting after meeting regarding upcoming shows in phoenix, boston, new york and san francisco. 

tonight we’re having dinner at my favorite restaurant in minneapolis azia, in honor of the annual dining out for life; a benefit for hiv/aids in minneapolis.  great food, great cause, hot man – nothing better right?

oh, and in other news – the hot pic of the blake and chris sandwhich referenced in my previous post has proved to be a fake (not really a big surprise right? but hot-as-shit just the same).


i promise i’ll write more from seattle….