superfluous prince; the naacp version
March 8, 2007, 9:27 pm
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local homeboy makes good – prince won outstanding male performer at the 36th annual naacp awards (of course, they also gave isiah washington best male actor – not sure how they can support such a homophobic pig, but at least they got prince right) last weekend.

here’s a killer clip (part 2 of a longer jam session) of him, sheila e, morris day and jerome benton performing a medley – the highpoint would be shelia’s bit in the middle.  ray, this one’s for you:


globe recap.
January 16, 2007, 7:34 pm
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(when bad dresses happen to mediocre actresses)

ok, so i never said i was going to predict the winners of the golden globes – my picks were just who i wanted to win – it’s not my fault if the hollywood forign press got it so wrong so often.
  • best picture – drama-the departed. damn if i didn’t get this one wrong; i’ve heard it’s good, i just can’t get into brad pitt lately.
  • best picture – musical or comedy-little miss sunshine. dreamgrils won. i hate dreamgirls. well, more coorectly, i hate beyonce. i refuse to support any film with beyonce in it (even if i do love jennifer hudson)
  • animated film-cars. yes! i got it. there was really no chance that this wasn’t going to win.
  • lead actor – drama-leonardo dicaprio in the departed. i’m really not a fan of leo’s either, but was duly impressed with his performance in the departed – shame he didn’t win, but i’ve heard forest was great in the last king of scotland.
  • lead actor – musical or comdey-chiwetel ejiofor in kinky boots (should win; sacha baron cohen in borat will win). yup, sacha won! no surprise. i still like chiwetel better, but i’m claiming this in my win column.
  • lead actress – drama-helen mirren – the queen. helen mirren is the fuckin’ shit – so deserved.
  • lead actress – comedy or musical-meryl streep – the devil wears prada. again, brilliant and no question really. and meryl’s speech was awesome.
  • actor in a supporting role- ben affleck in hollywoodland. ugg eddie murphy. ugg dreamgirls. blech.
  • actress in a supporting role- emily blunt in the devil wears prada. jennifer hudson. jennifer rocks. dreamgirls sucks.
  • director- martin scorsese for the departed. yes! it’s fuckin’ about time marty got props. the departed was most excellent.
  • tv series – musical or comedy- ugly betty (would be happy with entourage as well). yes yes yes yes!!!! so fuckin’ deserved…. ugly betty is the best show on tv right now.
  • actor in a leading role – drama- patrick dempsey in grey’s anatomy (he’s dreamy you know). that dude from house got it – fuckin’ great speech. never seen the show.
  • actor in a leading role – musical or comedy- jason lee in my name is earl. alec baldwin eh? he ain’t horrid.
  • actress in a leading role – drama- ellen pompeo – grey’s anatomy. no comment really, never seen the closer… kyra’s always solid.
  • actress in a leading role – comedy or musical- america ferrera – ugly betty. again – this is fuckin’ perfect. america is sublime. way to go


unreleated; so i went back to work today… only made it about half the day… i was so fuckin’ tired, had to come home and take a nap. i’m still on crutches (i totally figured i’d be off them by now, it’s been 8 days).

tomorrow is another half day work wise – i have the follow up post-op dr appointment.

wish me well.

song of the heart
January 15, 2007, 8:14 pm
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so the skinny mother fucker with the high voice won a golden globe award (best original song for the song of the heart) and was running late so he wasn’t even there to accept it. sometimes i wonder where the fuck his mind is – the boy seriously lives in his own little purple world. who shows up late for an award ceremony? as a huge fan of the man, i gotta say – it’s nice to see him back on the scene, but the song wasn’t that strong was it?

oh, and seriously – what the fuck was cameron diaz wearing? i’ll try and find a pic…

plum tuckered out
January 15, 2007, 2:47 pm
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ventured out of the house for the first time today and boy did it tire me out… had lunch with my friend christopher today (tasty burger and fries at the longfellow grill).
still ambling about on crutches (especially for more than just walking from the bed to the couch) but it felt great to finally get out. things i’ve learned:
  • it’s difficult (but not impossible) to shave while supporting oneself on crutches.
  • putting a sock and a shoe on when you can’t fully bend (or extend for that matter) your leg can fuckin’ hurt.
  • walking through four inches of snow on crutches is fun.
  • daytime tv sucks ass (and not in that good ass to mouth sort of way way).
  • judi dench is a god.
  • brian from cheapblueguitarspan> does not spend enough time entertaining me.

i think it’s nap time. i’m a tired boy. but before that – tonight is the golden globes – the second greatest night of tv, so without further adu; my pics (truth be told i’ve not seen many of the flicks nominated – but i really do love the below performances…):

best picture – drama
-the departed

best picture – musical or comedy
-little miss sunshine

animated film

lead actor – drama
-leonardo dicaprio in the departed

lead actor – musical or comded
-chiwetel ejiofor in kinky boots (should win; sacha baron cohen in borat will win)

lead actress – drama
-helen mirren – the queen

lead actress – comedy or musical
-meryl streep – the devil wears prada

actor in a supporting role
– ben affleck in hollywoodland

actress in a supporting role
– emily blunt in the devil wears prada

– martin scorsese for the departed

tv series – drama
– heroes

tv series – musical or comedy
– ugly betty (would be happy with entourage as well)

actor in a leading role – drama
– patrick dempsey in grey’s anatomy (he’s dreamy you know)

actor in a leading role – musical or comedy
– jason lee in my name is earl

actress in a leading role – drama
– ellen pompeo – grey’s anatomy

actress in a leading role – comedy or musical
– america ferrera – ugly betty