milanese graffiti / eco tip o’ the day.
April 21, 2007, 10:50 am
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thought i was done with the pics from italy eh?  not even close – just takin’ a break.

one thing about milan that i was not prepared for was the graffiti.  it’s **everywhere**.  and i’m not exaggerating, it’s on every building, even the super chic fashionable ones.  most of the tags are just bad, armature stuff, but there was a couple of things that really struck a cord.

the first one is in 3 pics – it covered the entire side of a brick wall/fence/divider.  the italian when translated (according to the artist’s website) reads: “the future is not more that one than once” (i think google’s free translation service could use some work, or conversely, things just look cooler in italian).  the artist, ivan, has stuff all over, and all of it interesting.  his website quite cool, take some time to check it out…  the dolphinis saying “i am extinguished”.  interesting.




the next piece that caught my eye looks a bit like the artist bansky, tho, i have no idea if it is indeed bansky, or just a similar piece.  this would make a really interesting, graphic tattoo:


then there was this piece, tagged inside the duomo, one of the most stunning gothic cathedral’s in the world:


ummm, all i gotta say is i’m sure by now andrea and paola’s love has evolved into a bitter, spiteful, tormented affair with a lovely dose of gonorrhea thrown in for good measure (andrea’s a world class tramp, her mobile number is all over milan – she provides quick relief for anyone needing it.  oh if only paola had known before he gave his heart to that trollop).  all because they just had to deface one of the worlds greatest buildings with their little try for immortality.

time for day’s gentle reminder that tomorrow is earth day folks and all of you need to get off your asses and do something good for your mother (earth that is).

this one is a complete and total n0-brainer, however it’s good to revisit the basics sometimes:

recycle damnit.

about 80% of what we consume is recyclable.  visit this site for some great ideas on how to recycle.

eco quote of the day:

“unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. ut’s not.”

— dr. seuss, from the lorax

p.s., date no. 5 last night.  awesome.  (ok it was less of a “date” and more of an impromptu stop-over to hang for a bit.  nice.


April 14, 2007, 9:12 am
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grindhouse is the fuckin’ shit.  over the top-pulpy-decadent and gratuitously violent.  cb and i went to a late showing last night.  i was on the edge of my seat many-a-time.

“I want to eat your brains… and gain your knowledge.” 

i loved it.

every stinking minute.

from robert rodriquez’ zombie thriller planet terrorstaring the divine rose mcgowen (who i’m completely and totaly in lust with), to tarentino’s sublime chase movie death proof(which starts out much darker and ends up being a glorious chicks-revenge movie ala 1972) featuring rosario dawson, a woman who officially is on my “i would switch for list”.

“this car is 100% death proof, only to get the benefit of it honey, you really need to be sitting in my seat!”

i know the flick is not doing great at the box office, but fuck’em.  nobody ever said the american public had taste or could judge great art.

i will so buy this flick on dvd the minute it’s out.

oh, did i mention the music – glorious music – especially the tune chick habit by april march.  this is so a soundtrack purchase today!

fuck you hummer
April 9, 2007, 4:58 pm
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with all respects to alexander over at voenix rising, who posted this first, i had to steal it. 

sum’s up my feelings regarding hummers (the vehicles, not the fun sexual activity) nicely.

and yes, i know i have tons of things to update you all on, i’ve been wildly social last week and this past weekend, and i’m about to leave for my second date with j – and i’m going out of town on thursday to see cb(and do a bit of work in his neck of the woods), i promise i’ll write more later (plus, ooh, i know your all excited about this – more milan pictures!).

but in the meantime, a lovely fuck you to hummers:

totem + more…
April 5, 2007, 10:24 am
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a couple of days ago i mentioned the artist antonio greco in a post.  in that post i mentioned i bought two pieces, one lithograph that was pictured and an original sculptural piece. 

here is the second piece (double click for a larger view):


the piece is called “totem” and is really quite incredible.  it’s about 2 feet tall and is mixed media (driftwood, wire, nails, found images).  i took it with me when i took the lithograph to the frame shop to try and match – at least a little bit – the textural aspect of “totem”.  i think we succeeded; the frame i picked is incredible and the matte pulls some of the subtle blues & greens from both pieces.  they should look well on the wall together.

in other news, a couple weeks before i went to italy, i started getting calls from my freshman college roommate bill, but given my schedule, i hadn’t had much time to phone him back.  then this past monday i got two drunken, slightly freaked out voicemails from him.  we were able to briefly touch base on tuesday, and i was able to get out of him that he really needs to talk to me, to bounce somethings off me (i jokingly asked him if he was coming out to me – he’s not… lol), so we are having dinner tonight.  i’m ashamed to say that we don’t see each other nearly as often as i’d like, but you know – life takes over, he has a wife and kids & we’ve just moved onto separate paths.  i’m anxious to reconnect and find out what the crisis is.

more milan pics later.

superfluous prince; the naacp version
March 8, 2007, 9:27 pm
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local homeboy makes good – prince won outstanding male performer at the 36th annual naacp awards (of course, they also gave isiah washington best male actor – not sure how they can support such a homophobic pig, but at least they got prince right) last weekend.

here’s a killer clip (part 2 of a longer jam session) of him, sheila e, morris day and jerome benton performing a medley – the highpoint would be shelia’s bit in the middle.  ray, this one’s for you:

March 7, 2007, 6:31 pm
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with respect and credit due to the excellent photographers on the villa steno website, this is the hotel i’m leaning towards in monterosso al mare in the cinque terre.  it’s still in the old town and looks to be in the heart of the village.  i had been thinking about renting a spot in this artists home just a bit to the bottom of the photo in the more wooded area, but i a) haven’t heard back from him yet, and b) not sure i could make it back to the hotel after a night of vino and risotto (it’s quite the circuitous route according to the website). 

i will be travelling to cinque terre by myself – this will be my first time travelling internationally by myself (unless canada counts) and i’m a bit nervous (but in that good way), but i think it’ll be ok. 

i have not even figured out where i’m staying in milan – all my focus has been on this great lil’ spot.

what do you think?


new blog friday
February 23, 2007, 11:57 am
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i highly recommend you get your laugh on over at the rut.  the author/artist, some guy named phil – has a brilliant, witty way about the way he writes/draws.   he posts a cartoon everyday (or at least, that’s his goal). 

here’s a sample:


(if you double-click it it makes it bigger. [there’s a sick joke in there somewhere, i’ll let you, my good reader, come up with it yourself])