happy anniversary (to me)
May 21, 2007, 11:19 pm
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(addendum to the below post; it was meant to have appeared on may 20, 2007 – however, a little challenge called it’s next to fucking impossible to get a decent Internet signal in phoenix; aka hell on earth).


anniversary, from the latin anniversarius, from the words for year and to turn, meaning (re)turning yearly.


yup, that’s right folk’s stageright…stageleft is officially 1 year old.  who’d’uve thunk it? 

in the year since i’ve started sr…sl:

  • i’ve been to:
    • chicago (for work)
    • denver (for work)
    • beverly hills (for work)
    • dallas (for work)
    • atlanta (for work)
    • dullas, va (for work)
    • dallas – again (more work)
    • cleveland (yup, work)
    • cincinnatti (work)
    • chicago (work, followed by r&r)
    • st louis (work)
    • boston (work)
    • des moines (work)
    • milan, italy (work, followed by vacation)
    • washington d.c. (work)
    • durham/chapel hill (vacation, then work)
    • seattle (work)
    • columbus (for work)
    • pheonix (for work)
  • show’s i’ve seen:
    • twilight singers
    • aimee man (wow crappy year for live music)
  • produced 25 events (an average of an event every 14.6 days)
  • lost an amazing woman
  • reduced my footprint on the earth by 2,661 pounds of c02 emissions by getting a new car and offset all those nasty co2 bit’s
  • found an amazing man (sexy mother-fucker)
  • spent approx 15 hours in the tattoo chair
  • saw the us body count in iraq rise 958 (may ’06: 2464, current: 3422 according to
  • saw the iraqi civilian casualties count raise somewhere between 25,957 and 27,677 (total according to:; more than 63,929 dead).

all in all it’s been a pretty kick-ass year and i’ve had a blast doing this blog…. i realize it’s wildly uneven, but hey, that’s kinda me…. i’m pretty hard to put in a box, and i hope sr…sl is just as hard to categorize.

a big thanks to the bloggers that inspire me to do better; jason @ let’s say you’re right, dave @ tugboat, alexander @ planet voenix, brian @ cheapblueguitar and tac @ tacnik (of course, there are many more bloggers out there that amaze me, if i missed you, it wasn’t on purpose). 

then there is cb & landry – the people that inspired me in the first place! 

so here’s to the next year.  can’t wait to see where it goes!


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Congrats on 1 great year. I do love your blog – you are an excellent writer. Heart You! Hammer

Comment by Hammer

Happy Anniversary my Brother. You win, you are the cuter one 😉

After reading this post, I was trying to remember how I came across your blog?? It’s funny where chance and timing leads you.

Sounds like you need some more vacations in there with all the business trips you take.

I think you inspire us more than you realize. Oh, and is Phoenix really that bad? Hell on Earth? Well it was at times for me. lol.

Happy to hear things are going well with you and the sexy mo-fo.

Be good 🙂

Comment by Jason

Thanks, guy! Too bad you weren’t here longer so we could finally meet. Maybe next time!

Comment by voenixrising

Bon annivarsaire a toi–t.

Comment by cb

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