pickle you cumquat
May 7, 2007, 1:54 pm
Filed under: film

the other night james and i were watching t.v. and just about fell off the couch watching this orbit gum commercial.  thank god for dvr, we rewound it about 10 times… it get’s funnier with every viewing.

for the record, i love the orbit girl…. i’d switch teams for her in a heartbeat… she’s just so damn perky.


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Ahhh, so that’s THE commercial you were talking about. That is one of their better ones. Funny stuff. I love their new flavor, Mojito Mint.

Comment by Jason

I love orbit commercials. My favorite one has the two guys from Jackass, with one buried up to his head in the sand and the other smacking him with the fish.

Comment by johnmichael

you know, I would TOTALLY post more on your blog— if you updated it once in a while.

Comment by cb

What the French Toast? you hoboken!

Ifinally got to see this- as I’m no longer at worked and blocked.

Comment by cb

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