gasp! houseguests + more james (sick of me talking about him yet?)
May 7, 2007, 12:57 pm
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wow, pardon the mess (aka, lack of posts) around here, had i known that i was going to have new visitors(ahem, jason), i would have tidied up a bit (or at least been better about posting new stuff).

so to anyone finding me via jason, welcome – i promise, i’m not normally this boring (or maybe i am… who knows).

last night i did indeed meet my first blogger-bud (cb and landry don’t count, i’ve known them forever/pre-blogging), jason over at let’s say your right – i gotta say, i was nervous as fuck, it felt like a blind date (james, don’t worry – it wasn’t a date).  i’ve been reading him for about a year and get along like long-lost brothers.  we have ton’s of things in common and had a lot of fun meeting him last night.  so much fun.

on the james front, ummm – how do i put this gently, succinctly and with not to much over-emphasis?  i’m dating the hottest mother-fucker on the planet.  things are going swimmingly… it’s nice to have someone in my life like this again.  we’re having a blast. on a really base level, we seem to get each other really strongly, sure there are difficulties – it only makes the good stuff better.  the only really hardthing is the amount that i’m on the road travelling, i know it frustrates him…. i can only hope that absence, does truly make the heart grow fonder. 

he’s going to kill me for posting this pic, but i f’ing dig it – and had to share.


(ok, even i threw up in my mouth a little about that absence/heart thing – my god i’m lame)


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I often throw up in my mouth a little after I write a cliche into my posts. It happens to the best of us.

Comment by johnmichael

Ahh, sounds like someone got hit by cupids little arrow 😉

I’m happy you found your mate. I’m sure the traveling stuff will work itself out. Love conquers!

Yes, you will have to tidy up shop here, with your new guests stopping by.

Be good bro!

Comment by Jason

Gagging over absence makes the heart grow fonder…just fess up. You love it! If you are head over heels for someone then that darn better be the way each of you feels over the other.

A big hello from my end. I did see Jason’s comments on his blog a bout his visit with you. I’d say the BF has one handsome hunk in you! Isn’t it awesome to meet other bloggers. I think I am up in the neighborhood of about twenty now. And many of them are now my dearet friends. Enjoy…I’ll have to stop by again.

Comment by Tony

Just invite your friends to share in the romance with you and works for Bo and I…we have 3 and 4 somes all the time. It’s a great way for them to get to know one another. (Okay, so I’m kidding…enjoy your time with James but don’t forget about those who knew you on the way up!) 🙂

Comment by Hammer

Glad you found such a great man to share your life with. 🙂 I hope there are many happy years to come for both of you.

Comment by colaboy29

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