May 5, 2007, 11:30 am
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sorry for the lack of post’s as of late… not much to write about i guess…

i’m still getting used to dating – it’s been a long time, but i’m having a blast with james.  he’s an amazing man and i’m having a helluva good time getting to know him.  it’s an interesting time for sure.  how do you people in relationships balance your friends with your boyfriends?  i love my friends, but right now, i wanna spend all my time with james.  ::sigh::

work is still mad-busy.  at the same time, two people’s job’s were eliminated yesterday in my department.  kinda freaky.  i think that my job is safe – but that doesn’t make it any easier to loose good friends and colleagues. 

tomorrow i’m off to columbus, ohio – i’m producing a charity fashion show for the guy that owns one of our beauty schools…. should be a nice lowkey thing.  i’m super excited tho’ – tomorrow night i’m going to meet jason from let’s say your rightfor a drink.  i’m kinda nervous tho’ – it’s the first time i’ll meet someone from the blog world…

more from columbus.


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I think you spend your time with james right now–because this is the first part of the relationship. Later you incorporate your friends as you can.

The occasional text, email, or phone conversation just to keep in touch does wonders with your friends though…

Comment by cb

Spend time with James. Friends will always be around and if they’re not. Well – you know the rest.

Comment by Ray

It can be a balancing act, but I’m sure things will fall into place for you. How cool are you?? I enjoyed meeting up last night!!

Comment by Jason

I’ve never been on a date…so I can’t give any advice on it.

Stopped by because Jason advised his readers to read your blog.

I’ll be back again!!

Comment by johnmichael

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