bad blogger/hot man/fake pictures.
April 26, 2007, 5:00 pm
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bad blogger.  i can’t believe it’s been 5 days since my last post.  when last we left i was getting ready for a date with thor, aka “j” (i’m trying out different things to call him here – i hate “j” and “thor” is just kinda fun, right?) – well that date lasted 37 hours (seriously!)… this guy is f’ing hot as shit/intriquing as hell and i’m having a blast getting to know him.

saturday night we went to see “hot fuzz“, the new flick from the makers of shaun of the dead, the dead-pan british zombie flick from a couple of years ago. 


simply put, hot fuzz was a brilliant romp.  fun from top-to-bottom.  funny in that oh so british way, and over the top as only a hollywood satire can really be. 

sunday morning, thor and i joined some of his friends for brunch followed by a trip across the river to the st paul art crawl.  after that was time for dinner and cuddling on the couch sunday night and watching movies…  the date finally ended monday morning.  what a whirlwind.

this week has been a bear at work (the real reason i’ve not updated sr…sl – i’m off to the emerald city (aka seattle) tomorrow morning for a show.  our show season is so beyond busy this spring (and you should see the fall calender, it’s insane), and i’ve been knee-deep in meeting after meeting regarding upcoming shows in phoenix, boston, new york and san francisco. 

tonight we’re having dinner at my favorite restaurant in minneapolis azia, in honor of the annual dining out for life; a benefit for hiv/aids in minneapolis.  great food, great cause, hot man – nothing better right?

oh, and in other news – the hot pic of the blake and chris sandwhich referenced in my previous post has proved to be a fake (not really a big surprise right? but hot-as-shit just the same).


i promise i’ll write more from seattle….


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I discovered the photo was a fake with some friends, still hot photo’s though.

Have fun in Seattle, and congrats with Thor!
(Does he carry around a sledge hammer?)
When will we see pics of the almighty Thor??

Comment by Jason

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