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April 5, 2007, 10:24 am
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a couple of days ago i mentioned the artist antonio greco in a post.  in that post i mentioned i bought two pieces, one lithograph that was pictured and an original sculptural piece. 

here is the second piece (double click for a larger view):


the piece is called “totem” and is really quite incredible.  it’s about 2 feet tall and is mixed media (driftwood, wire, nails, found images).  i took it with me when i took the lithograph to the frame shop to try and match – at least a little bit – the textural aspect of “totem”.  i think we succeeded; the frame i picked is incredible and the matte pulls some of the subtle blues & greens from both pieces.  they should look well on the wall together.

in other news, a couple weeks before i went to italy, i started getting calls from my freshman college roommate bill, but given my schedule, i hadn’t had much time to phone him back.  then this past monday i got two drunken, slightly freaked out voicemails from him.  we were able to briefly touch base on tuesday, and i was able to get out of him that he really needs to talk to me, to bounce somethings off me (i jokingly asked him if he was coming out to me – he’s not… lol), so we are having dinner tonight.  i’m ashamed to say that we don’t see each other nearly as often as i’d like, but you know – life takes over, he has a wife and kids & we’ve just moved onto separate paths.  i’m anxious to reconnect and find out what the crisis is.

more milan pics later.


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Happy Easter

Comment by kellystern

[…] in some cases it’s original art like antonio greco’s ‘totem’ pictured here, and in others its just something cool and folk-y like the balinise puppet i got in san francisco […]

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