April 1, 2007, 6:03 am
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well i’m finally home.  and i’m not sure how i feel about it – i seem to be a pretty large sack of conflicted emotions and thoughts.  course, a lot of that can be chucked up to the exhaustion of travel, but just the same – i’m not quite comfortable in my own space right now.

i find myself annoyed at expectations that haven’t been met.  i hate feeling like an afterthought, and that seems to be the rule as of late.  is it so bad to want to feel wanted/needed/missed?  i’m not all-together sure where i fit in right now.

of course the trip was a success on so many levels – i learned a lot about myself i think, and i did things i never thought i would have been able to do (that “7” rated hike for one) and i’m sure as i reflect upon it, it will be in a positive light.

i need to unpack, go through my journal, review my pics etc.  i need to go to my mom’s as soon as it’s a decent hour and get parker.  then of course is the laundry and cleaning the apartment.

i discovered an amazing artist in this small town in vernazza named antonio greco; picked up an incredible mixed media piece titled “totum” that i need to find the perfect place to display (pic will be forthcoming)… and a print that i need to get framed:


in the meantime, i need to figure out how to let go of my annoyance and focus on things in a better light.  life ain’t all bad of course, it’s just a momentary thing. 


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Welcome back, Kyle!
I can’t wait to hear/see the details of your trip.

Comment by Jason

I like his art. Its very unhinged and primitave yet well planned. Lots of energy.

Comment by cb

strings of those moments, making a pattern unmistakably you and uncontrollably unique. we breathe through them, they pass.

coming home is always a jarring experience. moreso that going away to somewhere new.


Comment by tacnik

[…] 10:24 am Filed under: Uncategorized a couple of days ago i mentioned the artist antonio greco in a post.  in that post i mentioned i bought two pieces, one lithograph that was pictured and an original […]

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[…] yes, i know i need to post more pics from my trip).  i got him a print from the same artist i got mine from.  here’s a shot of the one i got […]

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