back in milano
March 30, 2007, 1:05 pm
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hi all –

back in milano getting ready for my departure tomorrow for home.  the coast was stunning in so many ways and i will offer a full account later this weekend when i’m back in minneapolis (truth be told, i’m ready to come home).  but in the meantime, i’m suffering a bit from montezuma’s revenge… i have no idea what i ate or drank, but it certainly doesn’t like me.

as such, i’m hanging out in my hotel room watching italian tv.  i tell ya, the italians get it right (hot men, futball, pasta) – and so wrong.  as an example, let me give you affari tuoi (your business).  affari tuoi is the italian version of the game show ‘deal or no deal’

in the italian version, there are 20 boxes; each person holding a box is a representative of one of the 20 regions of italy.

the highest prize is €500,000, but on some occasions, there’s a special €1,000,000 prize. In addition to small money prizes, like €0.50, there are three gag prizes — usually items like salami, a year’s supply of soap, or stuffed animals like hippos and weasels.  also, for dramatic effect, they’re fond of using wojciech kilar’s score to the coppola film dracula.   

if you ever get a chance to watch this thing in italian, i highly recommend it. 


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