la sera buona dal hotel di ariston in milano
March 26, 2007, 11:45 am
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greetings and salutations kids….

well the show is finished and i’m about to enjoy my first free night in milano.  i’ve had to switch hotels (which is a good thing; the hotel we were staying in for work is undergoing renovation and was crap; with the exception of the extremely cute bartender who created this vodka/lime/sugar concoction that was tasty as hell).  my new hotel is super cute, i even have a balcony (view of the alley, but i’m in milano so i don’t so much mind).

the show went well – just over 1,000 attendees.   there was some killer hair (i have some pictures somewhere that i’ll share later).  in the meantime, here’s a pic of the stage and rigging being constructed.  i quite like the diffused light effect:


the actual show was yesterday (today was workshop day where the hairdressers can spend extra money for classes with master stylist’s and colorists) – after the show i had an amazing meal with some colleagues, octopus, pasta with scampi (note; scampi in italy is very large with head and legs attached) – after that, i met some more friends for drinks at bond, an excellent lounge-y bar where we proceeded to get amazingly drunk making this morning fun.

tonight, dinner with other colleagues, and i’m sure drinks – tomorrow, i need to get up very early as i have a ticket to view da vinci’s ‘last supper’, then it’s off to explore the duomo (only saw it briefly the other day).  then i’m off to the coast for some r&r.

oh, i almost forgot – i may have a “date” with a seemingly straight guy (the guy, oddly enough also named “guy”) owns the production company we use for shows in europe.  he asked me if i wanted to grab a beer later, he’s very flirty – and i know he’s twice divorced, but my gaydar is so seriously fucked up when it comes to european guys.  there’s also a guy named pedro who is very flirty with me as well, but he’s a super homo. 



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Go for the ‘superhomo’. They are always good for giving tonguebaths…

Comment by cb

I love Italy.

Comment by Ray

dude, i AM european, and even i can’t work them out.


Comment by tacnik

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