la buena sera da italia.
March 23, 2007, 5:09 pm
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or as the people here say, hi!  yea, so i’m in italy, in milan – the center of the fashion world.  it’s everything you would imagine. 

just a quick update as i’m terribly exhausted… landed in milano yesterday around 11:30am.  yesterday was my “acclimation day” before we started working in ernest with the show this morning.

as anyone who’s travelled internationally will know, it’s critical to try and get on the new country’s schedule as soon as possible – as such i spent the entire afternoon bumming around central milano (a very beautiful city, contrary to what you might have heard -at least central milano is) with a friend and then had a great meal with a bunch of friends just across the street from our hotel.  by the time i crawled into bed at 11pm milano time i had been up a total of 29 hours.  to say i slept like a rock would be an understatement.

while i saw some of the sights yesterday, i really wasn’t in tourist mode – however, i got a couple of great shots (be kind, i have not had time to edit any of my pictures):


a typical street with cable car lines – i just liked the look of the apartments above the retail space.  this was on via edmando des amicis.


a great side street


detail from inside the galleria vittorio emanuele II outside the duomo (more on the duomo in a future post)


detail of floor mosaic from inside the galleria. 

today was all about loading into the space where we are doing the show on sunday and monday – it’s an amazing space called ‘superstudios’ and is where milan fashion week occurs.  we also had model call tonight (followed by an even better dinner) – but i am one f’ing tired boy. 

tomorrow is rehearsal all day and probably into the evening followed by the show on sunday.

more later….


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Gorgeous pics! Wish I was there with you…

Oooh! You MUST find the spot in the galleria where there is a hole worn into the floor. You walk up, stick your heel into the hole, and spin around a time or two. It’s either supposed to bring good luck, or laughs from spectators, maybe both. 🙂

Comment by Wendy

Senatus Populus Que Romana – Nice.

La Dolce Vita for you sweet cheeks. 🙂

Comment by Ray

oh yea!! glad you are there safe,,, still want to see that pic you snapped… enjoy Italy… I am sooo jealous…

Comment by kellystern

Looks like you’re going to have a great time. I would be in heaven with all the photographic possibilities. Somewhere along the way I missed what play you’re performing there?

Comment by Jason

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