wtf; lube wrestling, yup – you read that right…lube wrestling
March 21, 2007, 1:34 am
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ok, i’ll admit it – i have a tendency to visit, well how should i put this?  websites that are not quite virtuous in nature. 

tonight i was futzing around on line and a particular website of this nature was showing photographs from various bar parties/event’s they hold all over the country.

one such photo gallery they had was something called lube wrestling.  yup, you read that right.  now, i have a slight interest in mud (it’s a texture thing i suppose), but i’ve gotta admit, i’ve never heard of lube wrestling. this was completely new to me, so of course, i spent the next hour or so researching it on the web.   there are currently 946 results on google for lube wrestling.

i thought i was pretty wise to the world in terms of sexual fetishes, kinks and proclivities, but this one has some how escaped me. 

it seems that lube wrestling is all the rage on college campuses and bars (gay, i would imagine).  parties and contests are held for the winner.  it kinda takes ya back to the glory days of female jello and mud wrestling in the 1970’s doesn’t it? 

here’s a photograph from one of these events:  lubewr_3.JPG

now, i’m all for strapping, hunky, semi nude guys wrestling about – it’s hot as fuck of course, but what i find my eye drawn to in this picture is the red haired lass in the black top sitting on a plastic folding chair right next to the “pool” (i suppose it’s like the 50 yard line for lube afficiando’s).   could this woman look anymore bored to be there?  did her husband (the chap next to her perhaps) drag her out for “date night” to see his favorite grappler go at it (i wonder if she was just fearfull of hubby getting all worked up and then wanting to rut like wrestling bunnies when they got home)?  then of course there is the other woman in the sleeveless black top.   my how she seems to be enjoying herself.  i wonder if anyone’s told her she probably won’t be able to use her feminine charms on the big muscly bloke with the shaved head.


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Hey, I lube wrestled once a few years ago. I was at a county-western bar in New Orleans and this guy in a referee uniform asks me, “how would you like free drinks all night and the chance to win a hundred dollars?” And I was all, “you had me at free drinks all night.” Of course they matched me with a guy who was about twice my size so I didn’t go home with the hundred. Still, he never pinned me once. I’m pretty scrappy. I found out later the judges gave him extra points because he kept yanking my underwear down. Then they hosed us all off on the patio. At least they let me keep the underwear.

Comment by Dave

they really need to be bigger, musclier, hairier, and more tattooed. And I would really rather have seen one of the men get ‘pinned’…

Comment by cb

Yeah, this is good, but it’d be hotter if they were a little less A&F looking and a little more blue collar hot looking.

Comment by Kevin

like Dave …

and i’m sure Dave “let” hiim yank his undies down 😉

Comment by Kevin

Something about smell comes into my head when I see that picture…

Comment by Ray

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