gay god
March 13, 2007, 7:57 pm
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ok, i love madonna (aka gay god).  i’m gay – it’s like a rule. 

i also love fashion (not that you can tell from my personal every-day style sense, but i can rock it out when i need to).

marry the two and i’m one happy boy.  madonna’s doing clothes for h&m (of course, nothing will fit me, h&m makes clothes for twinks, nevermind that m’s line is for the girls) – but i’m still giddy happy about this.

here’s the h&m commercial for madonna’s new line.  it’s one of the witty-ist commercial’s i’ve seen in a long time – it’s sexy and cool and pokes fun at madonna’s persona. 

fuckin’a it’s hot!


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Oh that rocked! I love Madonna and I love H&M.
Great find 😉

Comment by Jason

Hilarious! ::slap:: “I love you!”

Comment by Wendy

I am incredibly glad that I chose to incarnate in the same place and time as Madonna. (And I’m sure it isn’t the first time, she’s been a part of my generation for a long, long time, I suspect!)

Comment by voenixrising

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