March 12, 2007, 5:09 pm
Filed under: wtf

ok, i realize there is a market for just about anything you can think about, but this one is pretty wild if you ask me….

i’m working on a new mix cd for my friends ray & cb – in the process of working on the disk, i decided i needed a specific sound effect so i popped over to itunes and searched sound effect.

this is just a smattering of the sound effects that came up – seriously, who needs some of this (literal) crap?

– lesbians in a jacuzzi

– african american man climaxing (equally offensive: chinese man climaxing, indian man climaxing, german and english men climaxing and many many more)

– big vomit

– pig grunts

– male masturbating (slow) [srsl note; i did not add the “slow” – that’s in the actual title – and yes virginia, there is a “fast” option]

– suck it, gay man

– cocksuckers

and my personal favorite:

– old jewish man climaxing

who buys this shit?


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Ummm, I have the “suck it, gay man” and “pig grunts” on an old K-Tel LP from back in the day.

Comment by Kevin

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