10 days and counting
March 11, 2007, 11:46 am
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translation of the day: we are displeasing, but to the moment it there is not operating for this category

now, of course, i don’t speak italian (tho’ i’ll have my trusty phrase book), while i’m doing my research, i’m relying heavily on  the above gem just cracked me up.  it looks much nicer in italian: siamo spiacenti, ma al momento non ci sono operatori per questa categoria

i’ve changed my mind about the hotel (let’s use that word loosely) that i’ll be staying in while in monterosso – now i want to go back tot he artist’s bed & breakfast, just waiting for the confirmation.  also, i’ve booked a hotel for my two nights in milan (two vacation nights that is – work is putting me up in a nicer joint for 5 days) – i’ll be at the ariston hotelin milan.  i feel much better now that i have a confirmed bed.  the ariston is in the heart of milan, close to the duomo and the central train station. 


i’ve also got my ticket to see da vinci’s last supper.  for some reason most of the tickets to see the last supper in march are gone (must be a huge month to see faded paintings).  i debated on not getting a ticket, but then i figured – i’m there, why not?  right?

the bad thing about monterosso is that i will have severly limited access to the internet – i may not be able to blog about my trip.  we will have to see how that pan’s out.


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The Last Supper always sells out weeks in advance, you’re lucky you got a ticket! Since you’re going to be in Milan for so long, you might want to check out the opera house. So jealous that you’re going to the Cinque Terre! No matter where you stay, you’re going to love it. Can’t wait to see your pics!!

Comment by Wendy

Remember, I want some japanese tourists to take a picture of you posed like Mary Lou Retton in front of Jesus.

Comment by cb

Uh…lemme help…

We’re sorry, but at the moment that category isn’t operating (operative, working, functional).

Italian is such a gorgeous language. English sucks.

Comment by Ray

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