March 7, 2007, 6:31 pm
Filed under: art, holidays, travel

with respect and credit due to the excellent photographers on the villa steno website, this is the hotel i’m leaning towards in monterosso al mare in the cinque terre.  it’s still in the old town and looks to be in the heart of the village.  i had been thinking about renting a spot in this artists home just a bit to the bottom of the photo in the more wooded area, but i a) haven’t heard back from him yet, and b) not sure i could make it back to the hotel after a night of vino and risotto (it’s quite the circuitous route according to the website). 

i will be travelling to cinque terre by myself – this will be my first time travelling internationally by myself (unless canada counts) and i’m a bit nervous (but in that good way), but i think it’ll be ok. 

i have not even figured out where i’m staying in milan – all my focus has been on this great lil’ spot.

what do you think?



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How lucky are you to be going to Milan! I expect to see lots and lots of photos!!
Oh, and is that your arm on your header photo? It’s a great arm if it is. O.K., I guess that sounded odd. lol.

Comment by Jason

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