snow day update #2
March 1, 2007, 1:11 pm
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new expectation – 21-22″ by tomorrow night.

left work early (and the company closed early due to the storm)… took me 1 full hour to get what normally takes me 20-25 minutes.

some jackass in a big suv was on my ass on one of the side streets…. light turned yellow, i started to slide – went directly into a curb full of last week’s snow – luckily no damage that i could see to my car.  he just barely missed clipping me the fucker.

i hate jackasses in suv’s.  seriously, just cause your compensating for a small penis and like to pollute the environment doesn’t mean you can drive like a bat out of hell during a blizzard.

hope your suv rolls over and explodes.


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Like the new look…and your new graphic. You’re going to have to send me a shirtless pic one of these days so I can post it on “Tuesday Ink” (grin).

Comment by voenixrising

You have a lot of anger issues.

Comment by cb

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