March 1, 2007, 2:45 pm
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ok, so i’m finally getting around to watching the oscars – yea, yea, i’m behind – but i was working damnit.  oh, and can i just say, watching the oscars via dvr – that’s the way to go… watched the entire thing in an hour.


  • ellen’s opening was quite good
  • love the silhouette dancers (or whatever they’re called)
  • pan’s labryinth deserves to win everything it’s nominated for – fucking brilliant movie.
  • i’m in love with ari sandel, the dude that won best short film….


  • the hollywood sound effects chroal symphony is pretty damn cool too
  • rachel weisz is the shit.  seriously this woman is mad talented, stunningly beautiful and drop dead sexy. 
  • melissa ethridge kills me – her tune for the movie an inconvienent truth never ceases to get me to sing along.  so deserved in her win.
  • the commercials in the oscars are beginning to equal the superbowl.  some killer stuff there such as the jc penny spot and the mastercard spot – really, really love the mastercard spot with the elephant.
  • i heart portia de rossi
  • i can’t believe happy feet won over cars… sure cars was no monsters inc., but still – it’s pixar!
  • the departed just won its first award, best screenplay – great film.  i already know it win’s best picture (i’m not that out of it) – it’s so justified. 
  • emily blunt is going to be a major star.  you read it first here.
  • tom cruise may be cuckoo, but he’s still hot.
  • the prestige should have been nominated more and won.  it’s my favorite film of last year (well, maybe tied with pan’s labyrinth).
  • i don’t want to over-state the following, but – let me just say, with ever fibre of my being and every molecule in my body, i hate celine dion.  someone stop her.
  • penelope cruz is no salma hayek. 
  • pan’s labyrinth wasn’t my favorite score of the year (that would have been the fountain), but i wish it would have won over babel.  the music in pan’s labyrinth is subtle and haunting and beautiful.
  • michael arndt, the dude who wrote little miss sunshine, also pretty cute.  if ari sandel is unavailable, michael could give me a call.
  • why the hell does j.lo have a career – she’s made one good film ever (out of sight) and i’m pretty sure it’s excellence has nothing to do with her.
  • i’m the only gay man that could care less about dreamgirls.
  • helen mirren is amazing. 
  • it’s about damn time that marty won.

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Re: Dreamgirls.

I’m on the fence. I enjoyed it, but I’m not so gaga to think that Jennifer Hudson should have won. She shouldn’t. She sang the hell out of that song, but for the rest of the movie she was “high school girl in acting class playing bitchy.” Big stretch.

Comment by Kevin

Oh and nice new layout.

Comment by Kevin

Yes, i should have included Celine in my “kick her in the kunt” mysogeny.

Comment by cb

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