i want a snow day
March 1, 2007, 9:32 am
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current radar of minneapolis weather conditions 8:30am

those white and grey bits?  that’s a snowstorm folks. 

that’s our second snowstorm in less than 5 days. 

with work and my birthday, i haven’t had a chance to mention last sunday’s blizzard (15 official inches of snow in minneapolis).  so much snow that i had to take the bus to work on sunday morning.  note to self, it’s an interesting group of folks that take the bus at 6am on sunday; try not to take bus at that time again.

the great thing about minneapolis/st paul is that we know how to handle a snow storm and within 24 hours all major roads were clear of snow and within 48 hours all secondary roads were clear. 

but let me just say – i’m not ready for a second major snowstorm.  it’s as if mother nature realized she forgot about sending snow our way and decided she better get caught up (it had been a very dry winter).

as i got out to my car this morning we had a good two inches of wet, heavy snow.  perfect snow for snowman building and snowball fighting.  if only i had someone to do either with.  having a snowball fight with yourself is just depressing.


our anticipated snow fall will be 11-14 inches by noon on friday.

the above pic is a current view of downtown minneapolis.  nice eh? 🙂


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You could always throw a snowball into the air and pretend your snowball fight is with God…

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