back in milano
March 30, 2007, 1:05 pm
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hi all –

back in milano getting ready for my departure tomorrow for home.  the coast was stunning in so many ways and i will offer a full account later this weekend when i’m back in minneapolis (truth be told, i’m ready to come home).  but in the meantime, i’m suffering a bit from montezuma’s revenge… i have no idea what i ate or drank, but it certainly doesn’t like me.

as such, i’m hanging out in my hotel room watching italian tv.  i tell ya, the italians get it right (hot men, futball, pasta) – and so wrong.  as an example, let me give you affari tuoi (your business).  affari tuoi is the italian version of the game show ‘deal or no deal’

in the italian version, there are 20 boxes; each person holding a box is a representative of one of the 20 regions of italy.

the highest prize is €500,000, but on some occasions, there’s a special €1,000,000 prize. In addition to small money prizes, like €0.50, there are three gag prizes — usually items like salami, a year’s supply of soap, or stuffed animals like hippos and weasels.  also, for dramatic effect, they’re fond of using wojciech kilar’s score to the coppola film dracula.   

if you ever get a chance to watch this thing in italian, i highly recommend it. 


la sera buona dal hotel di ariston in milano
March 26, 2007, 11:45 am
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greetings and salutations kids….

well the show is finished and i’m about to enjoy my first free night in milano.  i’ve had to switch hotels (which is a good thing; the hotel we were staying in for work is undergoing renovation and was crap; with the exception of the extremely cute bartender who created this vodka/lime/sugar concoction that was tasty as hell).  my new hotel is super cute, i even have a balcony (view of the alley, but i’m in milano so i don’t so much mind).

the show went well – just over 1,000 attendees.   there was some killer hair (i have some pictures somewhere that i’ll share later).  in the meantime, here’s a pic of the stage and rigging being constructed.  i quite like the diffused light effect:


the actual show was yesterday (today was workshop day where the hairdressers can spend extra money for classes with master stylist’s and colorists) – after the show i had an amazing meal with some colleagues, octopus, pasta with scampi (note; scampi in italy is very large with head and legs attached) – after that, i met some more friends for drinks at bond, an excellent lounge-y bar where we proceeded to get amazingly drunk making this morning fun.

tonight, dinner with other colleagues, and i’m sure drinks – tomorrow, i need to get up very early as i have a ticket to view da vinci’s ‘last supper’, then it’s off to explore the duomo (only saw it briefly the other day).  then i’m off to the coast for some r&r.

oh, i almost forgot – i may have a “date” with a seemingly straight guy (the guy, oddly enough also named “guy”) owns the production company we use for shows in europe.  he asked me if i wanted to grab a beer later, he’s very flirty – and i know he’s twice divorced, but my gaydar is so seriously fucked up when it comes to european guys.  there’s also a guy named pedro who is very flirty with me as well, but he’s a super homo. 


la buena sera da italia.
March 23, 2007, 5:09 pm
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or as the people here say, hi!  yea, so i’m in italy, in milan – the center of the fashion world.  it’s everything you would imagine. 

just a quick update as i’m terribly exhausted… landed in milano yesterday around 11:30am.  yesterday was my “acclimation day” before we started working in ernest with the show this morning.

as anyone who’s travelled internationally will know, it’s critical to try and get on the new country’s schedule as soon as possible – as such i spent the entire afternoon bumming around central milano (a very beautiful city, contrary to what you might have heard -at least central milano is) with a friend and then had a great meal with a bunch of friends just across the street from our hotel.  by the time i crawled into bed at 11pm milano time i had been up a total of 29 hours.  to say i slept like a rock would be an understatement.

while i saw some of the sights yesterday, i really wasn’t in tourist mode – however, i got a couple of great shots (be kind, i have not had time to edit any of my pictures):


a typical street with cable car lines – i just liked the look of the apartments above the retail space.  this was on via edmando des amicis.


a great side street


detail from inside the galleria vittorio emanuele II outside the duomo (more on the duomo in a future post)


detail of floor mosaic from inside the galleria. 

today was all about loading into the space where we are doing the show on sunday and monday – it’s an amazing space called ‘superstudios’ and is where milan fashion week occurs.  we also had model call tonight (followed by an even better dinner) – but i am one f’ing tired boy. 

tomorrow is rehearsal all day and probably into the evening followed by the show on sunday.

more later….

hot guy scenery
March 21, 2007, 1:47 pm
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As frequent readers of srsl will know, I love hot men. No news there right?

I was having a bite to eat in the mpls airport just now, and this hot daddy (literally, his family was with him) sat down at the table next to me. Nothin like a man with kids to spin my head, there is just something so sexy about fathers

But this guy was extra hot—active military, with beefy, masculine hairy arms and was wearing an AIRBORN t-shirt. WOOF.

I snapped a pic for you, my lovely readers, but am blogging from my phone and can’t attact. Something to look forward to right?

wtf; lube wrestling, yup – you read that right…lube wrestling
March 21, 2007, 1:34 am
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ok, i’ll admit it – i have a tendency to visit, well how should i put this?  websites that are not quite virtuous in nature. 

tonight i was futzing around on line and a particular website of this nature was showing photographs from various bar parties/event’s they hold all over the country.

one such photo gallery they had was something called lube wrestling.  yup, you read that right.  now, i have a slight interest in mud (it’s a texture thing i suppose), but i’ve gotta admit, i’ve never heard of lube wrestling. this was completely new to me, so of course, i spent the next hour or so researching it on the web.   there are currently 946 results on google for lube wrestling.

i thought i was pretty wise to the world in terms of sexual fetishes, kinks and proclivities, but this one has some how escaped me. 

it seems that lube wrestling is all the rage on college campuses and bars (gay, i would imagine).  parties and contests are held for the winner.  it kinda takes ya back to the glory days of female jello and mud wrestling in the 1970’s doesn’t it? 

here’s a photograph from one of these events:  lubewr_3.JPG

now, i’m all for strapping, hunky, semi nude guys wrestling about – it’s hot as fuck of course, but what i find my eye drawn to in this picture is the red haired lass in the black top sitting on a plastic folding chair right next to the “pool” (i suppose it’s like the 50 yard line for lube afficiando’s).   could this woman look anymore bored to be there?  did her husband (the chap next to her perhaps) drag her out for “date night” to see his favorite grappler go at it (i wonder if she was just fearfull of hubby getting all worked up and then wanting to rut like wrestling bunnies when they got home)?  then of course there is the other woman in the sleeveless black top.   my how she seems to be enjoying herself.  i wonder if anyone’s told her she probably won’t be able to use her feminine charms on the big muscly bloke with the shaved head.

back from dc, packing for italy
March 20, 2007, 10:59 pm
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i feel like such a vagabond as of late; i love my job, i love travelling and i’m certainly living out of a suitcase (or 5 – a different size for every occasion).  of course, i fancy myself as the man about town (city/village/metro area), but at the same time, i feel like a complete and total charade – i’m not really such a man about town, at the end of the day, i’m pretty much your average, everyday guy next door; kinda dull. 

in my fantasy world, i believe that when i arrive in milan i’ll be uber popular and the center of action.  it’s a nice fantasy, but in reality – i’ll probably spend a fair bit of time in a cafe watching the world go by.  don’t get me wrong, i’m not dissing it – in fact, it’s rather how i like to travel.  but just the same, someday, i’d like to have someone to share the scenery with.

home last night from dc, and spent today on conference calls about my next 8 shows/events.  then spent the day running errands, doing laundry & packing for italy.  my flight is tomorrow (wed) @ 4pm.  i can’t even begin to tell you excited/nervous/scared about this trip. 

regarding the show in dc – on a scale of 1-5, i’ll give it a solid 3. it was the first time we did this format of show, and as such – i learned a lot, and will change a lot for the next go-round.  we also had a shitload of challenges due to the storm last week in new york, missed and cancelled flights and the like.  though, the audience loved the show, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

i’m excited for milan – we’ve been doing a lot of small and medium scale shows, it’ll be awesome to do a big show.

4 days and counting
March 18, 2007, 7:39 am
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hey kids, greetings from our nations capitol, washington d.c. – a city with a storied past filled with scandal, optimism, hope, and currently, a fuck-wad for a president.


sorry i’ve been quiet the last few days – on top of milano, i’ve been prepping for a show that’s in d.c. tonight.  i fly home tomorrow night late and then off to italia on wednesday – talk about whirlwind.

the show i’m doing in d.c. is all about men’s hairdressing.  last night was the men’s model call.  male model call’s are always a challenge, last night proved to be no exception.  we got some great guys – including one beefy/preppy dude that’s so shy i’m gonna have to get him a bit drunk before he goes on stage (he’s cute as fuck tho’).

we’re doing the show (it’s a smaller, more intimate show) in one of our cosmetology schools – it’s a bueautiful space, everything in the building is super eco-focused.  the wood-floors are reclaimed wood from the bottom of a river, the reception desk is made from compressed sunflower seeds – it’s quite the statement.  the show itself is taking place on the cutting floor for the school.  all of the stylist stations were removed  and the stage is being placed against a wall of windows facing 7th street in chinatown in dc.  great space.