200 hundred people
February 27, 2007, 6:33 pm
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i strongly suggest, if you ever have the chance – you should experience 200 people singing you happy birthday.  it’s amazing.

so as i mentioned, i’ve been on an event for the past few days.  the event was a training for our educators (the people charged with going out into the field and teaching hairstylists our methods).  we do this thing called “wellness” at the beginning of most of our trainings.  usually it consists of something like a group stretch, meditation, yoga etc.  this morning’s wellness was quite the surprise for me.

as david, our technical artistic director, started – he called for me to come up to the stage to “move a box” – as i got up to the stage, he began to lead the group in a rousing rendition of happy birthday.

needless to say, i was surprised to say the least (which is an odd feeling for me – it’s rare that i’m truly surprised) and turned about a hundred shades of red.  but it was a helluva feeling to be sure.

after that, i needed to help a guest artist with some shopping for our upcoming show in italy.  one of the stores we had to go to was puma – where i found the hottest watch (truth-be-told, i have a bit of a watch addiction – i’ve been fighting it for years, but today i fell off the wagon so-to-speak):


damn, i love this watch – it’s all stainless steel and red rubber and roaring cat.  dead sexy.

cause i belive a watch should be seen on the wrist, check me out:


(double-click for a better view; sorry for the “less-than” quality of the image, i was too lazy to get my real camera, and just used the cell phone).

later tonight i get to open my prezzie from cb (excited to finally see what’s in the box) and then i’m meeting some friends for drinks.

a great day to be sure!   thank you to all for your emails and calls.  🙂 


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Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your evening cocktails!

Comment by kellystern

Embrace watchitudiness!

Comment by cb

I LOVE watches … and that one is sweet! And I’m sure cb got you something perfect.

Comment by Kevin

oh and it was 200 and ONE people singing you happy birthday. Remember I sang in on the phone. Twice.

Comment by cb

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