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February 14, 2007, 6:14 pm
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i’ve been in a terrible funk music-wise as of late.  there’s just not much that’s out right now that i find interesting, or challenging, or hell, even fun.  even diversions such as jt’s sexyback are boring after more than 2 listens.

as my friend ian was coming to the states from london for the show (he was a guest artist at this past weekend’s show in des monet), i sent him a pleading email a couple of weeks ago asking him to bring me new music from london & europe.

i would have been more than happy with one or two cd’s (or even a mix-disk), but ian out did himself – he brought me ten (count ’em 10) cds of new (at least to me) music.  some of it quite trendy (in that u.k. flavor of the month sort of way) and some of it looks to be quite cool and unique and different and fun.  i’m like a schoolboy on christmas morning.

it’s going to take me a while to get through all of this, but i’m more than up for the challenge.  i’m giving myself one proper listen (not in the car, not at work) with each disc before i start repeating.

first up; the divine punk-rock jazz singer amy winehouse(  i was super giddy about this one when i opened up the pack from ian.  i’ve been reading a lot about amy and can’t wait to give this a proper listen.  the punk-rock tag was given by the u.k. rock press – i’m not sure it fits.  sure she has wild hair, old skool tattoos & is a lil’ drunk and trampy (according to the tabloids), but this girl can sing.  dark, smoking voice wrapped around cool as shit old skool 70′ rhythms that will become modern classics.

next up we have cicada (  i know nothing about this other than they are former re-mixers, doing their own thing now.  a quick look at the uk websites says they are doing something interesting.  anxious to hear this.

the klaxons with myth’s of the near future ( are the latest and greatest thing to make the uk press fall over themselves with adjective upon adjective.  i’m only 3 tracks in, but i’m diggin this – musically it’s all over the place.   this’ll be a headphone album i think (or something that begs to be played loud in a theatre during a hairshow).

anthony and the johnsons’ i am a bird now ( is a few years old now (2005) and something my friend vicky has been trying to get me to listen to for a while now – ok, ok, i give – if both ian and vicky are digging it, i should be too.

pet shop boys fundamental (  i’m the worst when it comes to psb.  i’m  a casual fan.  i always like what i hear, but never really follow the boys (unless of course, they’re working with robbie williams, ha!).  i read good things about fundamental tho’ so i’ll give this a good once-over.

mylo destroy rock & roll.  (  i know nothing about this other than it’s a few years old and the album cover is fucking brilliant (yea, i judge books by their covers too). 

alright, still by lily allen (  this is the one i’m most resistant to and i have no idea why – no real valid reason other than sometimes the hype tends to push me in the other direction (which is odd, ’cause traditionally i’m a huge hype whore).  i’ve got the single ‘smile’ and i like it fine.  must clear mind before i give this a spin.

mika’s life in cartoon motion ( is another that i know nothing about – but again, great fuckin’ cover, don’t you think?

and finally, 2 disks from nouvelle vauge: bande a part & self titled.  (  i was vaugely (🙂) aware of this band and am excited to give these a spin.  nouvelle vauge takes songs you know and turn’s ’em on their ear – bossa nova style.  always fun for a laugh – ya gotta love the french.

amy-winehouse.jpgcicada.jpgklax.jpganthony.jpgpetshopboys.jpgmylo.jpg lily.jpgmike.jpgnouvelle.jpgvague.jpg

update; i’m about 8 tracks into the klaxons and fucking loving it. i’m two for two (amy winehouse kicked my ass too).


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I heard samples of Mika’s two singles. They rock. One sounded like Queen, the other like Scissor Sisters. I definitely want to hear more of them and see if they have the chops to make it big.

Comment by Kevin

Can’t wait for my copies.

Comment by cb

Do I send a self addressed, stamped envelope?

Thanks for the new music reviews. I’m too in a stagnant place looking for some new tunes. I’ll have to check some of these out.

Comment by Jason

Awwww- how cute!

Comment by cb

the klaxons rock and cicada are right next to goldfrapp for me! and ladytron.. and shiny toy guns and…


mika is brilliant! i’m glad you gots the goods!

and there’s nothing wrong with judging books by their covers!


Comment by tacnik

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