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February 13, 2007, 3:36 pm
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ok, i started writing the below on saturday but got busy with something, just returning to it now: 

limited access to email at the hotel (the charmingwest des moines marriott) so spotty updates. 

last night was model call – for iowa, i gotta say, i was impressed… we have 4 teams doing shows, 1 team – very easy to find models, can find beauty in just about anyone – 2 teams doing something fairly high-fashion, so of course – tall, beautiful girls needed there & 1 team doing a men’s thing. 

i was most nervous about getting “modely” girls and the men  – but everyone seems to be happy (ignoring of course a bit of “model stealing”) everything went well last night.

today is all about prep – cutting, coloring and styling the models hair & blocking rehearsals. 

we’re in a pretty amazing

there, that’s as far as i got.  now, to continue:

…theater; the hoyt-sherman place:



the history of the place is pretty cool – A grand manor home built in 1877 by prominent businessman Hoyt Sherman; the structure is now a museum and performing arts center. The original house and gallery display an impressive collection of 19th and 20th century paintings and elaborately carved 17th century furniture as well as many rare, ancient artifacts. The newly renovated historic theater built in 1923, hosts and impressive array of world renowned musicians, theatrical productions, and local performing arts events.”

regarding the show itself, as you know it was my first flagship event that i produced solely on my own – well by 5pm sunday night, i was one exceptionally happy boy – the show went off without a hitch & the more than 500 attendees loved it.  it’s another notch in my career belt so-to-speak. 

i learned a lot and made a couple mistakes (nothing the audience ever noticed, so that’s a good thing).

the only really bad thing (well, at least that i can go into here without violating confidentiallity) is that i had hardly any time to take pictures – i was just to damn busy.  i may have some cool video footage tho’ of the men’s rehearsal.  some hunky boys for sure.  i’ll see if the video turned out and post it if it did.

on a fun note, in iowa, there is a gas station chain called  now, you can’t put a bunch of gay men in the vicinity of an establishment called kum & go and not expect some amount of juvenile humor.  after the show ended a couple of the guest artists (from new york & london) along with my graphics guy, emcee and i all went traipsing all over west des moines to various kum & go’s to buy t-shirts.

so i’m now the proud owner of a kum & go shirt; can’t wait to wear it to the eagle on saturday!

music heard while writing this post:

domani / greg dulli

shy / O(+> aka prince during the symbol era

the real thing / concrete blonde


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I have a kum & Go baseball cap

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