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February 8, 2007, 6:03 pm
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so, as my regular readers know, there is a show that i have in des monet; the milan of the upper mid-west (des moines, ia) this sunday. 

nothing new there right?  it’s a show.  i do shows all the time.  yea, nothin’ new there right? 

but, before i go down that road, a bit of the back-story:

where i work we have different types of events…. there’s the corporate sales meetings (up to 75 attendees), global sales meetings (300-600), mini-hair shows (up to 200 attendees), trade shows and our two types of flagship shows (500 – 7000).

my boss (who is the traditional “director” of the flagship shows) has relocated to milan in preparation for our upcoming show there.  no sweat right?  my boss and i frequently team-lead alternate events (she focuses on one, while i focus on another – piggy-backing each other’s shows), but on event, she would  “direct” the show from front of house, while i “stage-manage” from the back.

due to budgets, she will not be flying back from milan for des monet this weekend.  so i get my shot at directing my first flagship hair show – all by myself.  now, i’ve produced and directed sales meetings and other corporate events (trade shows and the like), but i’ve never actually directed the show. 

hmmm.  some would say that’s a stressfull situation.  am i stressed right now?  besides not sleeping for the past 3 days and being in the office obscenly early,  stressed out isn’t the right phrase – cautiously optimistic/excited perhaps?   

i’ve got four amazing-seasoned guest artists and a great crew on the ground – but at the same time, it is the first.  i think i’ve got everything buttoned up tight; but as they say, the devil is in the details.  and a true director is measured by how they adapt to what doesn’t go as planned.

suffice to say, as much as i’m elated that i’m getting this chance, i’ll be really happy come sunday night at about 5:30pm (it’ll all be over then).


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