-32 – for fuck sake, -32
February 4, 2007, 11:34 am
Filed under: minneapolis
yup. everyone knows minneapolis is cold. no surprise there. the thing is – are you ready for this? – it’s not what it used to be. time was (way back when i was a young guy in a snowsuit) winter would start in earnest sometime in late october and stick around until early april. that’s not the way it is anymore… we really don’t get winter until early january (4 or 5 cold days maybe in december) and it’s gone by the end of february (oh, ya, and i walked 3 miles in the snow up hill both ways without shoes when i was a kid too).
that said, i’m just not fucking prepared for -32. it’s just not right. on top of that… take a look at the dew point: -21. do you have any idea how dry -21 is? by way of comparison phoenix is currently +26
i’m ready for spring. way way way ready for spring.
thank buddha it will be +24 by next sunday. but wait, i’ll be in sunny des monet on sunday (yay, it’s supposed to be +31 in iowa next sunday). oh, and i have +32 to look forward to on the 27th (my birthday, feel free to send prezzies, i love prezzies). +32 is the average for the day (the record high was +64, of course the record low was -21 too, that could suck huge).
i love minneapolis 9-10 months a year – the best weather ever. it’s just jan and feb i hate.
god i need to get to some tropical island.

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