smokin’ aces
February 3, 2007, 10:33 pm
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just home from seeing the uber-violent new film smokin’ aces. now, i had absolutely zero expectations from this film, but i gotta say – i enjoyed the ride immensely.

for my more squeamish fans (or those who have trouble with graphic violence – hehehehe) this film is not for the faint of heart. it has about a billion gun shots and more spurting blood than your average friday the 13th film – but at the same time, it actually has a pretty good plot/story and characters you actually grow to believe (well, at least ryan reynolds).
oh, and there is more man-candy/testosterone than you can throw some wood at. i mean seriously – the guys in this movie are smokin’ hot. every one of ’em, i’ve had a thing for for a damn long time.

starting with the adorable ryan reynolds. this boy is gonna make a damn fine daddy someday:

and then there’s the title character buddy “aces” isreal; the humpy jeremy piven. even at his most coked-out scussiness, this man is fuckin’ hot + he has one of my new all-time favorite lines in a movie (said to one of his not-so-smart thugs): you’re looking at me like, like… i just asked you the fucking square root of something.

and then there’s ben affleck. ben, ben, ben. i don’t care how many bad movies in the past you made – i forgive you. just keep starin’ at me with those baby blues:

and while he’s certainly no cock-of-the-walk any longer; we have the smolderingly sexy andy garcia. this man could melt me with “hi”:

rounding out the lead’s – the impeccable ray liotta. does this man have a steely stare or what? it’s as if he’s got x-ray vision. dead sexy.

with just the smallest of cameo’s (and a mullet to match) the ever woofy matthew fox made an appearance:

again with just a bit o’ a cameo, the hotness that is peter berg:

i’m tellin’ ya folks, this movie was one fun ride. great action scenes, fun plot twists and a fuckin’ hot as hell cast.
my dreams are gonna be fun tonight! hehehe


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Regardless of the movie, it looks like I could watch it with the volume down…(may have to be in the privacy of my own home… hehehe)

Comment by Kelly

You know that I call Ryan Reynolds. Ever since Alanis dumped his ass, he’s mine.

I’m his rebound cock.

Comment by cb

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