doesn’t even look like a knee….
January 11, 2007, 3:04 pm
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does it?

day 2…. i’m so over being cooped up in the house…. i’m sick of watching tv, movies and naps…. in the past two day’s i’ve seen ‘date movie’, ‘an evening with kevin smith 2; evening harder’, ‘clerks 2’, ‘failure to launch’ and ’24 hours on craigslist‘!

other than that, today i’ve been on a ton of conference calls for work in between cleaning up after my cat. i switched her food on tuesday morning and she’s done nothing but puke for the last two days…. emergency trip to the pet food store (ooh driving and vicodin a fun combo) to get her old food. this better work – i’m honestly more freaked out about her belly than my knee.

ugg, i need to be able to walk and to get out of the house – i’m going completely stir crazy.



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dude…no visuals of the knee! ew.

Comment by Brian

I know! Its just gross. You should take magic marker and draw a face on it with the corners of the mouth being the stitches…

Comment by cb

I really hope that your cat is all right by now. It’s difficult to switch food. Sometimes you have to do it slowly by getting them half portions of the new and old food.

So you’re one fourth Swedish? Know any Swedish? 🙂

Comment by Jontas

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