christmas recap
January 11, 2007, 8:28 pm
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christmas is always a mixed bag for me…. i mean, who doesn’t love prezzies, right? i mean, hell ya, i love gettin‘ prezzies (i also particularly love to give them – search for eons for that perfect gift), but at the end of the day it’s rare that i am ever given something truly personal – something that says as much about the person gifting me as it does me. i don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but sometimes i feel like people just don’t get me. and that saddens me a little. i will say this, it’s fairly easy to buy for me on the surface (itunes gift cards, dvd’s etc – that all works just fine), but the surface stuff isn’t really me right?

this year, i got a very surprising prezzies

eon’s ago i told a good friend about two treasured items from my childhood. two stuffed animals in fact. one stuffed animal i still own (a bear that’s pushing 100 years old – he belonged to my grandmother, then my mom and now i have him), and a stuffed bunny that disappeared sometime in childhood. by the way their names were ‘bear bear’ and ‘bungy rabbit’ respectively – what can i say, i was never the most original child.

i told him this story well over a year ago (if not longer) and when i opened my christmas prezzies this guy was staring up at me out of the mylared bag:

there was a card under his butt: “kyle – my name is marty. i know i’m not like bearbear or bungy rabbit, and i know parker usually sleeps with you. but i hope that when you are alone or just need someone to hug, you’ll think of me… because i’ll be there waiting. (see? some bears are nice.) – marty

and boys and girls, i gotta tell you, curling up with this big furry lug the last couple of nights with my knee propped up on 3 pillows has been mighty comforting.


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Wow, sounds like you have some nice friends!

Comment by cb

You didn’t even have to say who got you that. It screams one person in particular. 🙂

Comment by Kevin

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