knee surgery…
January 10, 2007, 8:49 am
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….went well…. was at the hospital at about noon, in my “gown” by 1…. sat around in the pre-op room watching tv till about 2:45. wheeled into the operating room then – on a side note, why do operating rooms in real life look nothing like they do in hollywood? i mean in hollywood movies & tv shows – o.r.’s are all sexy and dark and intimate. in real life, they are bright and cluttered and not sexy at all.

don’t remember a thing after wheeling into the o.r.

woke up around 4:15 in post-op – very very very out of it…. i hate coming out of anesthesia. it sucks. all the fun of sleeping without the cool dreams or the restful waking. and then home by 6:30.

I personally haven’t talked to the surgeon, but my mom did, apparently there was a lot of “junk” that they carved out of from under my knee cap – including something that actually attached itself to my knee cap. can’t imagine that was a good thing. i’ll have pictures next week to share with all of you (and if your really curious, i have pics of my spleen i can show you – but that’s another story).

knee feels “ok” today – just a numb feeling – it’s pretty dramatically swollen and wrapped from mid thigh to ankle.

i’ve got crutches, vicodin & a big ol’ stack of movies to watch. life is pretty good. doing a bit of work here and there too (mainly conference calls).

i’ve been horrible at updating over the past month – the knee thing + a good dose of insane work has been keeping me distracted, but i’ve got a couple of fun posts in the pipeline and more than enough time to get off my ass and post something.

thank you for all the well wishes – they mean a lot to me. really 🙂


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Get well soon! Sounds like the knee should be in much better shape once you’re all healed up.

Comment by Kevin

Take care of yourself and enjoy the movies and drugs.

Comment by Brian

So pretty:)

Movies good, vicodin better.

Comment by Ray

Um, isn’t that how big your knee ALWAYS was??

I think we needed more of a comparison shot. Left knee. Right knee. Wee nee…

Comment by cb

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