medial meniscus and "other bodies"
January 4, 2007, 8:16 pm
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wow – so much to update you all on – the holidays, my complete and utter total addiction to sports night, and my new years weekend with cb (by the way, ignore whatever he says about my “gameplay” – it’s not my fault he can’t draw worth a shit and his family is cruel and makes people “act out” shit) – and i will update you all, i promise… but

i got me some big fuckin‘ news for ya’ll.

that there picture, that’s a knee cap (well specifically it’s showing you a medial meniscus). that there picture, that’s my future. specifically my very near future.

next tuesday i will be going under the knife…

18 years ago i took a fairly dramatic fall that resulted in 3 tiny bone chips floating around under my knee cap roughing up my medial meniscus. the doctor then (and the 2 subsequent doctor’s that have had the pleasure of poking and prodding my knee) essentially said “yup, you got some bone chips in there; you’ll want to have those removed someday – in the mean time, here’s a knee brace; off you go”.

to which i generally responded with “why don’t you fucking cut me open and remove the “other bodies” so i don’t live with pain for the next 18 years”. (they call bone chips “other bodies” – sounds vaugly alien doesn’t it?)

interestingly enough, they ignored that question.

so there i was living off and on with sometimes marginal pain to sometimes blazingly intense pain – until this past november.

november was the beginning of the end…. my knee has progressively gotten worse and worse (tears may have been involved a time or two, i’m not ashamed to admit it). so i’ve finally found a lovely doctor who agreed to remove said “other bodies” in order to improve the quality of my life.

so this coming tuesday at 2:00pm my knee will be filleted and fixed.

i’m very happy about this.

in other non-meniscus news i just want to give a shout out to the original “nasty girl” who turned 48 today.

happy birthday vanity!


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Good luck on your knee surgery. Hopefully they won’t have to slice too much and they can just go in through a small incision or two.

Comment by Kevin

I don’t care if she did turn ultra-religious. She still look like a ‘ho.

Comment by cb

Hooray – someone listened to you finally.

I wonder if they’ll do it laproscopically? That would be nice.

Well, here is to a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

Comment by Ray

Those were some interesting pics.
Good luck with your surgery.

Comment by Jason

Good luck Kylie! Hammer

Comment by Anonymous

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