has it really come to this?
December 23, 2006, 10:46 pm
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i’m a firm believer that:

is just like:

you can only take so many precautions before the pesky bug is under your skin. as such, at approx. 9:30pm today, i jumped in the toxic lake that is and created my own page.

what the fuck you may be asking yourself (i’m still in shock my self) – would you do something like that for?

well boys and girls in blogger-ville, it’s pretty simple. every band, ever singer, ever musician around has a myspace page – and those pages are frequently updated a helluva lot more often than their own proper websites. as such, if i want to stay abreast (hehehe, i said breast) [sorry, just trying to get in the typical myspacer headspace] of their goings-on and prevent missing one of my favorite singers (see: bad-fan for an example of what i’m talking about), i needed to dive into the cesspool (you see many of these pages are “locked” to outside viewers; meaning you gotta join to see the goods).

check me out: sr_sl

if you happen to be on myspace; hit me up, send me a note – it looks kinda lame that i only have one “friend” there. [my how low i’ve gotten, begging for friends… i need a beer now]


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Well, you know I ain’t gonna join just so I can write you comments. I already did that once.

My mind is still reeling, despite your very rational explanation.

You want some abriva?


Comment by Ray

at least you got one friend.. although i see your whore-rating is building and it at 7 now.
i added you, but hey, you may wanna consider.. i dont even have one friend… i even got rid of tom.. actually, he took me off his list.
is that a bad sign?

dlist seems to be a better place and not such a fuckfest of splatted html design.

love the poe song, btw. one of my faves.


Comment by tacnik

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