December 18, 2006, 6:44 pm
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this is truly a hypothetical question as i’ve not be asked to do anything special (nor is there a great chance of ever being asked), but as i was watching hgtv’s “the white house christmas 2006″ a thought popped into my head….
lets say you were asked to supply the christmas tree for the white house, or paint the annual white house family christmas card and you were diametrically opposed to the administration in control. would you still give them the tree or paint the card?
what if the president wanted to honor you for something terribly important – would you go, or send your regrets?
lets say you were a composer and the president wanted you to perform your excellent new composition in the blue room. would you do it?
does the office of the presidency transcend any political partisanship?

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If it was the current pRESIDENT of the White House, I’d tell him to go f*ck himself in no uncertain terms.

Comment by Alexander

Of course not. That’s what free means.

Comment by Ray

Of course you should. Its an honor being afforded to you by the country. Don’t kid yourself that the president has much to do with it… it was probably some staff member who made the call. Don’t be a playah hater. Hate the game.

Comment by cb

Or an inane populist citing boring jingoisms…


Comment by Ray

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