tired as fuck
November 28, 2006, 8:58 am
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parker on radiator 11.27.06
lemme tell ya, i share the above emotion. in fact just seconds before i shot the pic, her eyes were closed and she was honest-to-god snoring (little adorable kitten snores, but snores just the same). and just minutes after; i was ready for a nap.

not sure if it’s the change in seasons, but i’ve been ready for bed at 6pm lately – exceedingly tired… i’ve never put a lot of stock in that whole seasonal tired disorder thing, but i’m beginning to understand it.

my body better fuckin’ adapt and soon…. i’m used to living with very little sleep – i don’t like bein’ tired all the time.

on the plus side to weather; minneapolis is experiencing a late fall thunderstorm. i love me some thunder and lightening… drove into work this morning cranking new order (shocked?) watching the sky light up with explosions. on the bad side, tomorrow all this will turn to snow. i’m so not ready for winter yet.


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She’s gonna look better on December 30th…

Comment by cb

Cute kitty:)

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