ahh thanksgiving
November 23, 2006, 10:46 am
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a time of year to reflect on what makes us grateful; not to mention a time of year to gorge on food….

this year, i’m forgoing the family feast; it’s just too much considering it’s just me and my mom – i was gonna go over to amy’s for a bite, but i think all my recent travel is catching up with me and i’m a bit out of it…

but regardless of if i eat turkey and pie or not (mmmmm pie), there are a few things i am thankful for:

  • my health – my itp appears to be in total remission & the hemophilia hasn’t affected me in any major way in quite a long time.
  • parker – yea, i know it’s super gay to love a cat, but seriously – she rocks my world.
  • my friends: stacey, scott, cb, amy, bill, ax & jerry, wendy, jen, ray & jeremy, greg, stephanie & shelly and hammer – words really can’t express what your friendship means to me and while we may not talk as much as we’d like, your always in my heart.
  • my job; it’s so rare these days to have a job that you love, combined with working for a company you truly respect.
  • my mom.
  • the fact we finally have a democratic run house and senate
  • being american
  • being gay
  • the blog-o-sphere…. (amazing men and woman who pour there hearts out for all to read/share)
  • music & the people who write it…. prince, kate bush, peter gabriel, siouxsie, lloyd cole, madonna, johnette napolitano – the soundtrack to my life and the thing that makes me happiest
  • daniel craig as the new bond – woof.
  • trevor at steady tattoo for giving me a kick ass tattoo
  • buddha for showing me the path and for guiding me back to the path when i loose my way

music heard:

never say never / romeo void

gapu / yothu yindi


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what about cheese? you aren’t thankful for cheese??

Or Prince??

Comment by cb

I heart you Kylie! Hammer

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