coming out of the shadows
November 17, 2006, 10:37 pm
Filed under: hair show, hermit, tattoo
holy shit, has it really been more than 10 days since i last posted… ugg. to my faithful 4 readers, my apologies. i’m slowly extracting myself from the last few months of insane work. i’m off to boston for a little mini-show this weekend and then i’m home for a few months. i’m anxious to chill a bit.

i’ve kinda been in a self imposed hermit mode lately – i’m not sure why, but the onset of winter tends to do this to me a bit. even tho’ i’ve been super busy at work, i’ve been horrible at returning calls/emails (especially to ray)…. i’ll be better soon – totally promise!
couple of random updates – phase 2 of the sleeve is complete – check it out:

phase 3 will begin sometime in december – linking the sleeve together with phase 1 & adding the tibetan prayer flags above the current bit. trevor @ steady tattoo is a god. a god i tell you.

last week i was in st louis for another mini-show (just two guest artists, 150 or so attendees, cocktail reception) – the show went amazingly well – really really nice.

this pic was taken about 30,000 feat somewhere over iowa. the twin cities is still snow free, and honestly – i’m ok with that – i’m just not ready for winter yet…. tho’ it sure looks pretty from here.

while in st louis i took time out to see the gateway arch – yea, i played tourist for a few minutes (it’s all you really need is a few minutes)….. on my way to see the arch, i stumpled on the above location – an old switzers licorice factory. i really love burned out buildings like this – shows some real history if you ask me.

i took shitloads of pics of the arch (it really is an engineering marvel), but this one is my favorite. i also took the elevator (lets use that term loosely) to the top. it’s not the greatest view, but it’s pretty fuckin’ cool overall.


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there’s just some things you *have* to do.. like taking pics of the arch from an artsy angle.. yup, i did it too

course, i did it on a hot summer day and then stupidity allowed me to stop thinking and i touched the frikkin thing. i blistered the tips of three fingers. i read later that the metal can reach 170° to the touch.

the hermit thing is affecting a lot of people i know. it’s the season for it..


Comment by tacnik

Isn’t Iowa pretty from above?

and I like the Arch pic.

Comment by cb

I’ve toured that Switzer building, back when it was a working licorice factory. Oh, the freshest red licorice right from the line. Mmmmm. Looking forward to being in the same city with you for a while!


Comment by Anonymous

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