October 15, 2006, 11:15 am
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i do feel it’s important to note that i’m not just being irresponsibly flip by posting such an image. i firmly believe we are closer to this than i ever thought america would be. we once were a proud, honest nation committed to trying to make the world a better place. now we’re just the bully in the playground willing to do anything to get it’s way.
it’s a sad state if you ask me.
fascism; the word has been bandied about quite a bit in the good’ole blogosphere, but what does it really mean – and are we there?
according to wikipedia: Fascism is associated by many scholars with one or more of the following characteristics: a very high degree of nationalism, economic corporatism, a powerful, dictatorial leader who portrays the nation, state or collective as superior to the individuals or groups composing it.
hmmm on a number of fronts it would certainly look like we are getting close.
you see yourself as a leader / may my thoughts be with you
if you try to divide and conquer / we’ll rise up against you
we know only the strong will survive / but the meek will inherit
so if you’ve got a coat of arms my friend / i suggest you wear it

john mellencamp / we are the people


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But didn’t you hear, we’re the greatest country in the world so that means we can run the whole world.

All the heteros will rise up to destroy all those who are different. That’s what this country was founded on. Sameness.


Comment by Six Shooter

Hrm – well, I’ll leave the alone. The rhetoric of us against the man doesn’t appeal to to me.

Undeniably, civil liberties have taken a blow and we’re approaching a hegemonical attitude.

These are not good days to be an American indeed.

Comment by Ray

Great post.
I think if more people saw this photo comparison, they would actually stop and think about the current state of our country a little more.

Comment by Jason

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