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October 9, 2006, 6:52 pm
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so on friday i had the entire day to myself in chicago – i bummed around the city, took an architectural boat cruise, went to the museum of contemporary art chicago; just generally hung out in a city everyone seems to love (except me).

now that said, i had an exceptionally good day just pokin’ around and taking in the city. maybe chicago ain’t as bad as i think.

i fancy myself a bit of an architecture geek and on that tip, i gotta give the windy city props. this is my favorite pic that i took on friday, i love the old meets modern vibe and the clean line of the skyscraper mixed with the historic nature of the church.


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That is a cool pic. It almost looks like it must have been photoshopped to mix the two styles (but I know it wasn’t).

Comment by Six Shooter

I know exactly where that is. I’ve been there.

Comment by cb

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