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September 22, 2006, 9:47 am
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greetings from cleveland…
…so i’m sitting in a starbucks (really, does the world need a double shot of starbucks?) because my hotel room at the lovely wyndham playhouse square hotel in aromatic downtown cleveland isn’t ready (i won’t begin to describe what the aroma in question is – but it ain’t good) and i logged on to read comments from my wonderfully intelligent and charming (not to mention stylish, attractive as hell and witty) audience and i got this regarding my recent post on the war:
  • Anonymous said…
    So what’s your point????
    Friday, September 22, 2006 10:18:39 AM

let me start by saying i fucking hate anonymous comments. i think, for the most part it’s terribly rude to leave an anonymous comment. i mean really, why hide behind anoniminty? if you feel strongly about something then you should feel comfortable putting your name on it – don’t you think?

what really troubles me about the above (and a few other regular anonymous posters) is that there isn’t enough of a statement there to actually know if he/she is being positive, challenging or argumentative. couple that with my inability to enter into a discussion/debate with anonymous and i get annoyed. i mean seriously – if your going to post be willing to debate your ideas, otherwise – really, what is the point?

so then, effective now, i will no longer allow annoymous comments on my blog. on a personal level this only really affects me with my friend ray (he doesn’t have an account, but should get one) – everyone else that comments tends to have an account. at least ray had the balls to sign his name (or leave a signature remark on the post that i could use to identify him with).

anyone wanna debate me on this, or in anoymous wants to come out of the closet, feel free to email me.

more to talk about but i have a meeting with the hotel regarding my show this weekend.

cheers to all!

p.s., i hate bloggers spell check program.


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What’s even more disturbing, on a second reading, is that “anonymous” seems to actually be commenting on the previous comment (CB’s) that there have surely been more than 8,000 Iraqis killed. The “point,” then, Anonymous, would be that Iraqis are in fact human beings, and that at the most conservative count, over 11,000 people so far have needlessly lost their lives so our borderline retarded president could play cowboy.

Comment by Dave

So, um, K-dog… what’s your point?

Comment by cb

I’m shrouded in anonymity anyways … so I’ll post whatever I want!

(and I don’t blame you in the least!)

Comment by Six Shooter

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