a dirth of posts…
September 19, 2006, 9:11 pm
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…have you noticed.

yea, yea, yea, your sick of hearing how busy i am… just deal.

i’ve been home for about a minute and a half and now, am off to dullas va (don’t be jealous), from there i go to cleveland (i know, hot in’it?) and then cincinnati (you know you wanna be me).

to sum up my life thusly: one amazingly dull hotel room:

hotel not to be named to protect the guilty – suffice to say, the shitties event service of any hotel i’ve ever experienced.

to another:

the hilton park cities. a lovely hotel with bad taste in bedding.

of the 8 regional sales meetings i’m producing around the country, the new york metro version is one of them that i couldn’t attend due to previous commitments. and that meeting was today.

of course, that is the meeting that went a dramatically bad way.

tonight, as i was packing for my next trip i got a call from the vice president who’s meeting’s i was producing.

short story: mice. lots and lots of mice. all over the meeting, from a mouse on a curtain rod, to a mouse during dinner, to a mouse scampering across the meeting space.

suffice to say, the veep is not pleased and it’s now my job to resolve this with the hotel. guess what i’ll be dealing with in the morning.

it’s shit like this that makes me wanna drink – i mean seriously, it’s not hard to keep a clean place is it?


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Yeah, life inside a hotel room is not usually pretty. Cleanliness is the minimum I need, no excuses there.

I was in Cleveland the weekend before last (grew up there) and then drove down to Cincinnati (bf lives there). Small world.

Comment by Jason

Oh, I don’t know… I’ve been much happier since I just learned to live with my rodent problem…

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Wendy

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