what the hell is a hair show?
September 6, 2006, 10:18 am
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so i’ve recently got a bunch of emails more or less asking “what the fuck do you really do”? so i thought this is the perfect time as i’ve just finished a major show and wanted to share a couple of interesting pics:

there are 3 main aspects to my job as “show & production manager” – produce, facilitate, plan & execute: 1) hair shows, 2) corporate meetings and 3) trade shows. most people don’t have a clue what a hair show is so i tend to explain it like this – think of a fashion show, now make it about the hair and not the clothes, make it 5-8 hours long and make it about educating and inspiring hairdressers. that’s what a hair show is. on a show such as the one pictured above, we spend approx 4-8 months planning all facets of the show; from working with the guest artists (the people on stage cutting and coloring the hair), to facilitating model searches, to arranging for props or special stage actions the artist wants, to planning for food and plumbing and electrical needs. depending on the event, sometimes i’m the stage manager, sometimes i’m the director, sometimes i’m orchestrating all of the various things that surround and support what’s actually happening on stage or at the meeting. it’s a pretty awesome job if you ask me.

scott over at scott-o-rama had an interesting post about liking/loving/hating your job and feel somewhat guilty that i truly love my job. i also realize how lucky i am to be able to say that. not only do i love my job, but i completely and totally respect the company i work for – from the products we make, to the ways in which we support and honor the environment. it makes working the oftentimes very long hours planning our events all worth it


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