rest in peace steve irwin
September 5, 2006, 7:55 pm
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rest in peace steve.
ok, i seriously loved steve ‘the crocodile hunter’ – i mean, yea, he had that hot aussie accent, and he was hot in that hunky/beefy outdoorsman kinda of way, but he was also an amazing zoologist who’s passion for all things environmental and ecological. you could see his passion and excitement anytime he was willing to make a fool of himself to talk about animals.
he was brilliant at making one feel immediately at ease with the animal world he and his wife showed on their various shows – he will be missed.

oh, and to those who will say he deserved it, nobody deserves to have what happened to him happened to them. i will agree that it was probably inevitable that something like this happened to him, but he certainly didn’t deserve it. saying he deserved it is the easy way to go…
rip croc hunter.

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Well said

Comment by Ray

i was sitting around with some coked out queens the morning that the news broke.
and one was like…”well thats what you get”
and his boyfriend stood up (in his very small underwear and nothing else) and said
“BITCH! you stand there all shitfaced and turned out and say that shit. That motherfucker took life by the TITS and said im going to fucking LIVE’!!!!’…and that bitch LIVED RIGHT.”
he then sat down on the couch and did a line.
it was 8am.

Comment by landry

yeah, but did he do the line using the hollowed out stingray stinger?

Comment by cb

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